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Top Five Most Frequently Asked Questions


5.  Why do you keep a website?

Well, lately I haven't been "keeping it." It's been neglected for real life right now! I hope to change that soon.

4.  What computer classes have you taken?

I have never taken classes to learn computer skills.  It is my theory that you can learn by spending time playing around on a computer and not being afraid of one.  It's not real hard to hurt anything as long as you don't use the delete key.

3.  What do you use to do this?

I use Corel Paint Shop Pro X for graphics and photo touch-ups.  I use Dreamweaver for html coding, however I tweak it myself using good-ole Notepad, usually found in the Accessories folder of Programs in your Start Menu.  I use Coppermine Photo Gallery to manage the photo gallery.  The News section is organized by a content management system called Movable Type no longer there! The pictures you see have been taken with an Olympus D-360L, a Kodak DX6340, a FujiFilm S7000, and as of Christmas 2006, I got serious about it and invested in the WONDERFUL Canon Digital Rebel XT.

2.  Will you do a webpage for me?

Yes, but usually not for free.  Lately, I have been throwing myself into my newest endeavor, which is a lot less headache! Raising two children is a full time job and my time is valuable.  However, I don't charge as much as most web development/computer companies do.  Just ASK..

...and the number one most frequently asked question?...

1.  Can you fix my computer?

See #2.


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