Contrary to popular belief, selling a house or a condo is possible in any type of real estate market. But you have to make sure that you know how to apply the right strategies for selling the Condo Ratchayothin [คอน โด รัช โยธิน, which is the term Thai] at the best price. There are always obstacles that you have to address depending on the strength of your current real estate market. Hence, if your home fails to sell in a hot selling market, you may have to tweak a few conditions and then try again for success. In a strong buyers market, you have to work on all the shortcomings. Want to know how? Then do take a couple of minutes to read further.

Avoid quoting the wrong asking rate

The asking price of the condo is often the most critical factor that decides whether the property will sell off quickly or will be on the waiting list for an indefinite period. Even when the socio-economic graph is downward, or you are owning a condo in some hard-hit area, the selling price can be the only driving factor to get customers. That doesn’t mean you should sell off at any low price. It is just about balancing between the top-quote and selling within minimum time. That is the skill of a professional real estate agent who is going to help you in the process.

Selling the condo “as-is”

The condition in which a buyer is ready to buy your condo is another major factor that will affect the transaction. If the market is super-hot, you can easily ignore this factor as everything will sell today or tomorrow. But the problem starts when the market is down, and you are still trying to sell off the house in its existing condition without any staging or updates. Apart from fixing the things that show obvious damages, it is not necessary to implement updates if you can sell “as-is.”