Rolex is a premium brand of watch manufacturers with worldwide recognition. The dazzling elegance of the watch pairs up with the high level of functionality, and it makes the Swiss watchmakers the best in the international market. Hence, there is no problem believing that the Rolex watches are the exclusive possession of people belonging to a certain class. There are a few reasons why the Rolex Price is so high and may cost a fortune.

Reason #1: Use of 904L stainless steel

The company imparts a classic and unrivaled design to the watches to ensure that the luxury look is always the best. The use of 904L stainless steel is the reason for the extra strength and shine, which is a class higher than the standard 316L steel. The particular variant of the steel is expensive and difficult to make. It takes special skills to manufacture this kind of steel.

Reason #2: Multiple research facilities

Rolex owns an extraordinary level of the research and development team. The company has professional laboratories with a high level of facilities to ensure that the researchers and scientists are always working on making new models and upgrading the older ones to add the latest technical features.

  • The best team of workers is working at the labs.
  • Highly-trained scientists can perform research on the oils and lubricants to enhance the quality of the watch.
  • There is a stress test room for testing movements of the watch and the bracelets too.

Maintaining such a high facility contributes to the higher Rolex Price.

Reason #3: Importance of mechanization

The machines of the best watch brand are mostly in the form of robots. Making these highly efficient robotic machines demand investing in the automation of the entire manufacturing process. And the automation should be of the highest level to complete the entire procedure without any flaws. Thus, the watches are very expensive, and the price justifies the quality.


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