Japan is the ultimate destination for people who love the confluence of traditional and modern cultures. The place offers majestic views of the futuristic skyscrapers and the tranquil beauty of the bamboo forests. Incredible food, ultra-polite people, and an effective transportation system make it a haven for travelers. If you can make time for only one destination in Japan, then Kyoto is the place to go. You will relish the sight of bamboo forests, geisha wearing brightly colored kimonos and staying in the tea houses, graceful tea parties, and the marketplace offering intriguing objects having unidentifiable constituents. 

Rush to Tokyo

Kyoto is the representation of traditional japan. But the japan tour destinations cannot ignore the equal importance of ultra-modern Tokyo, which is the smarter counterpart. The noisy arcades, skyscrapers, interesting fashion trends, and busy crossings make the place a happening city. Eating all the delicious foods is one of the compulsory things that you must do there. If you love weird activities, then Tokyo is the apt destination. You can sit in the themed cafes on owls, robots, goats, or enjoy the sensory-overload shows and go-karting. 

Takayama next on the list

How can you miss the place in the list of your japan tour destinationswhere you can wander in an old town? Takayama is indeed a gorgeous town which will help to enjoy the ultimate feeling of relaxation. As you will eat mitarishi- Dango, which are rice balls that the cooks grill in soy from a street shop, you will feel closer to the country. The Hida folk village is a treat to the eyes with the traditional Japanese thatched houses. You can easily spend 2 to 3 nights here and still yearn for more. Cycling in the countryside can be an unforgettable experience.