It’s critical that your mouse clicks more quickly. Whether you play video games or are a computer-only worker, improving your clicking speed is essential.

You have an advantage if you can easily perform mouse actions at a rapid clicking rate. You must commit yourself to the process if you want to increase your click-per-second rate. Because it takes time, especially if you’re a beginner.

Discover a few tips to increase your mouse clicking speed by reading on.

Here are five of the strategies you can use to raise your click-per-second rate.

  1. Learn several methods

The quickest clicking speed can be achieved using techniques that increase the activity of your muscles. Finger muscle fits are one of the few accessible options. This makes it easier for you to complete click-based games more quickly. Additionally well recognized are butterfly clicking and jitter clicking. The mouse will click more quickly than usual due to jitter.

  1. Change the mouse’s configuration

Clicking with your mouse can be challenging at times. It is greatly preferred to the majority of other clicking instruments for a variety of reasons. One, it’s usually simple to alter. The majority of modern mice have numerous options that affect how sensitive and effective they are. Whatever the case, any user can adapt these settings to their preferences. Check your mouse’s settings if you have a slow clicking rate. The responsiveness and other options can be changed until you discover what works for you. Make sure the responsiveness isn’t too high because this affects how precisely you can take pictures.

  1. CPS Rate

You will achieve higher snaps the more wise actions you do. Every keyboard and mouse click establishes a connection. Additionally, as this is a real-time game, player activities that are sincere in nature determine its significance. Wrong acts don’t lead to better results for you. Success is inversely correlated with activity. Only the right actions succeed.

  1. Keep your mouse in the right position.

The click rate is influenced by both a soft and a firm grip. When you boost the snap button’s grip, the debounce rate increases and the snap becomes slow. Instead, make an effort to hold your mouse with a normal or slightly skewed grip. It will shorten the debounce period. As a result, you can click more quickly.

The ideal mouse placement is in a ready-to-use position. Then press the left button with your pointing finger. To avoid making mouse tapping challenging, two fingers should be positioned close to the mouse’s clicking buttons but not too close.

  1. Getting better through practice

For mastery, you must continue to practice. And the most effective way to increase your clicking rate is through this. You will get very near to perfection if you practice with your mouse. You should click more quickly if your mouse is working properly. There are several internet clicking techniques that can make your mouse work better. Utilize them to your advantage. You might need some time. However, all of your preparation will soon pay off.

Take the CPS test 5 seconds. CPS Test will be a practicing canvas for you. 


It’s simple to increase your click-per-second rate. Purchase a good mouse. Change a few mouse settings. Try a few other clicking methods. Above all, continue to practice and perform cps test 5 seconds frequently. Your score would continue to rise.