Lice are a problem that is caused in human hairs and body. You can easily seen it by the following ways. Wet your hair and sit under a bright and glowing light. With the help of a fine-toothed comb, lice can be easily identified. You have to wipe the comb on the towel and check it carefully. You have to not wait for the symptoms and never fell shy about How to tell if you have liceIt is a normal problem which can be easily detect out by the proper treatment. 

 Prevention is better than cure, so you need to know some of the preventions to not occur to you. 

  • Never touch your head with others as it is spread because of close contact. 
  • Never share your clothes, scarves, hats, towels, hairbrushes, headphones with anyone. 
  • Never use a disinfected comb or use a hairbrush of some other people. 
  • Avoid using the carpet, couch, bed sheets, or pillow of another person. 
  • It is best to clean your used items in hot water. Hot water is good to kill many harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • You can also put some items under the sun. If you think it is not washable, the rays of the sun itself kill all types of fungi. 
  • Clean your room and floor with a vacuum. Lice will die within 24 hours when they will not be able to get any host body. 
  • It is good to check the lice properly for every family member.

How are essential oils used for killing lice?

Some plant oils are used to make chemicals as they are toxic. They are used to kill lice and eggs. Some of the items are as follows:

  • tea tree oil
  • ylang-ylang oil
  • nerolidol 
  • eucalyptus oil
  • anise oil
  • lavender oil

It is found that using coconut oil with anise can make a massive difference as it can kill many lice effectively. It is a home remedy, and it doesn’t have any side effects on the hairs and the body. Also, it will kill the lice in a very gentle way that you will not feel any pain or stress. The effects are pretty practical and help the head from dehydration. 

Some crucial treatments

To counter the problem, several products are available in the market. You can use several creams and sprays to counter the pain caused by the biting of lice like permethrin cream, malathion lotion, ivermectin lotion, benzyl alcohol lotion, and many more. These products are called pediculicides, and it helps get relief. It should be applied regularly for a better result. You can also use these creams after the lice get removed till the itching will not get stopped. 

When to go to a doctor?

 If you think home treatment is not sufficient to resolve your problem and you are feeling how to tell if you have lice to your family members, you can take an appointment with a dermatologist as he or she knows how to solve a problem efficiently.