95% of workers surveyed in India acknowledged that they need more digital skills.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon.com company, released its ‘Building Digital Skills for the Changing Workforce’ report, which shows that the number of Indian workers who need digital skills for their jobs will increase by 27.3 million next year. will increase. † The report further states that 95% of workers surveyed in India acknowledge that they need more digital skills.

The report surveyed 1,012 digitally skilled workers in technology and non-tech roles, and 303 employers in India, representing the public, private and non-profit sectors of various industries. According to the research, the ability to use cloud-based tools, such as cloud developer tools, as well as online collaboration, accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM) software will be the most in-demand skill employers will need by 2025. followed by technical support and cybersecurity skills.

The report’s findings also highlighted the need for more advanced cloud computing skills, including machine learning and cloud architecture design. These skills are expected to be in high demand in businesses from healthcare to agriculture, fintech to media and entertainment.

“Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen organizations of all sizes accelerate their digital transformation plans, increasing the need for employers and their employees for skills training for cloud computing, cybersecurity and machine learning,” said Rahul Sharma, president, Public Sector – said Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL), AWS India and South Asia.

AWS offers more than 500 free digital training courses and partners with higher education institutions, nonprofits, workforce development organizations, governments and employers on a range of digital upskilling programs to prepare the next generation of professionals for early cloud careers and build a diverse pipeline of emerging talent in the labor market.

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