If you’re considering a career in the medical field, have an eye for detail, and are interested in the latest advances in medical technology, then you may be a great fit for becoming a certified professional medical scribe. Medical scribes provide invaluable assistance to healthcare providers by capturing patient data and helping to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. They use specialized software to document visits and ensure that they are compliant with current healthcare laws. In this article, we’ll outline what it takes to become a certified professional medical scribe.

What is a Certified Professional Medical Scribe?

A certified professional medical scribe is someone who provides support to healthcare providers by taking notes during patient visits and entering them into electronic health records (EHRs). This information must be entered accurately, as it is used to make decisions about patient care. The medical scribe must also ensure that all visits are compliant with current healthcare regulations. Additionally, they will help update EHRs, assist with paperwork filing and scanning, schedule follow-up appointments, and create treatment plans.

Certificate Programs Available

There are several certificate programs available for those interested in becoming a certified professional medical scribe. These programs require students to complete coursework related to topics such as anatomy and physiology, EHRs/EMRs/HIPAA compliance, pharmacology/drug terminology, clinical documentation improvement (CDI), legal aspects of healthcare documentation and billing accuracy/accreditation standards. Upon completion of these courses, most programs offer certification exams which must be passed before one can become a certified medical scribe. Note that some states may require additional certifications or licensure prior to practicing as a certified medical scribe.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Professional Scribe?

The benefits of becoming certified as a professional medical scribe are numerous! Not only does it give you an edge when applying for jobs in the field of medicine but it also gives you access to higher paying positions due to your increased level of expertise in the field. Furthermore, certification exams often provide valuable industry knowledge that can be used on the job immediately after passing the exam! Additionally, having certification can open up opportunities for promotions or even starting your own business as consulting specialist or tutor if desired! Finally, being well-versed in EHRs/EMRs/HIPAA compliance means you’ll have an easier time staying on top of changing regulations within the industry which can save both time and money in the long run!


Becoming certified as a professional medical scribe is an excellent way to gain expertise in this growing field while opening yourself up to higher paying positions within healthcare institutions or even starting your own business if desired! A comprehensive certificate program will teach you everything from anatomy and pharmacology basics all the way up through EHRs/EMRs/HIPAA compliance so you can stay ahead of changes within the industry! All these skills combined make becoming a certified professional medical scribe an incredibly rewarding career choice! With proper dedication and effort anyone has what it takes become successful at this profession; why not start today?