The job

I have the opportunity to deliver a differentiated and personalized proposition to Indian beauty consumers, as well as work with some amazing people to come up with innovative solutions to meet this opportunity.

Customers look for authenticity, transparency and accessibility when buying beauty products. Meeting their demands in the present day requires an omnichannel approach for a seamless shopping experience. Also, the retail industry is still a long way from providing world-class products and services at accessible prices to consumers. To fill these gaps, we are working to offer a global product portfolio, omnichannel retailing and experiential solutions.

the weekdays

I am a morning person and start my day with the fresh scent of nature. It’s the best time to experience your neighborhood and surroundings and enjoy the peaceful view of the city. I look forward to starting my day at work by meeting people and spending time in various locations including our retail stores, offices, warehouses, clients, partners offices, etc. There is so much falling every day and every conversation to learn.

When I need to recharge in the middle of the day, I walk around to chat, get out for a quick meal or take a break and meditate.

The weekend

Weekends are quiet, relaxing and spent with friends and family. Looking forward to enjoying the morning and discovering some of Bengaluru’s iconic and delectable breakfast joints with my boyfriend. The rest of the weekend I love to relax at home and stay away from crowded places.

The toys

I love my 4K UHD TV and watch documentaries and movies. I am completely an iOS ecosystem person.

the logos

I like Uniqlo because the brand is about top quality at a great price. I love their linen shirts, Supima cotton t-shirts and down jackets. Been married to this for several years now. I love Diesel’s drawstring denims as they offer unparalleled comfort compared to other brands. I also like Audible – I’ve gone to audiobooks in a big way. They have greatly enriched my driving time.

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