Product damage during transportation is so common that some store managers will arrange to order additional products to ensure that they have enough sellable inventory on hand to meet their customer’s demands, even though this is completely against corporate policy.

Many businesses simply accept product damage during transportation as a regular part of their operations. It has become a pre-calculated part of the Total Cost of Business (TCOB). However, technology is constantly improving, and logistics coordinators and transportation managers will find that using digital transport damage documentation instead of manual can boost efficiency, reduce costs, and make their jobs a lot easier.

A transport damage software is fully capable of improving logistics service and cost, as well as bringing shipment transparency. With the help of this software, you can quickly collect all the relevant information in the event of transport damage on your smartphone.

Features of Transport damage software

Fast through Batch Processing

Transport damage software allows batch processing of damage data of, for example, one day. This accelerates your processes and claims can be bundled and processed faster.

Secure Server-Based Storage

Scan data, damage patterns and all other relevant information are available for further processing after being recorded on the secure server.

Easy, Automated Workflow

The software eliminates the need for a digital camera, pen and notepad. The software-controlled documentation collects all relevant data and links the shipment data directly with the damage documentation.

PDF Export

By using a software you will receive a clear PDF document with photos, signature and handwritten damage report one page only. Direct ready to send by email.

Benefits of Using Transport Damage Software

  • Increased productivity levels as documents are immediately available from any mobile device.
  • No more risk of damage, loss, or even theft. Documents are backed up and preserved.
  • Documents are simple and easy to create, fully visible, and trackable throughout their whole lifespan.
  • Improved employee collaboration with version control, allowing access to the latest documents.
  • Invoices to be turned around in seconds, helping improved cash flow
  • Reduced manual work meaning more efficiency and less opportunity for confusion or loss. 
  • All documents are digitally captured and stored in a centralized document pool to provide access from anywhere.