When it comes to Wholesale Jewelry, Hong Factory has designed some unique designs just for you. For almost 40 years, Hong Factory, a leader in Thailand’s silver and marcasite jewelry industry, has supplied wholesalers with high-quality silver and marcasite jewelry from Thailand. Their custom OEM and ODM jewelry collections are extensive as well.

Hong Factory is known for its carefully curated selections from some of the most skilled jewelry designers when it comes to inexpensive jewelry. No two pieces of jewelry are identical. Designers of wholesale jewelry ensure that each gemstone is of the finest quality and grace. Silver jewelry designs created by brilliant in-house artisans are fashionable while keeping their beauty and antique worth.

A timeless classic, silver is perfect for both western and traditional wear. Among the most popular Wholesale Jewelry items at Hong Factory are earrings, rings, brooches, and bracelets. Due to their years of experience in the Wholesale Jewelry design field, they have come out with their newest marcasite jewelry designs that will win your hearts in no time. Light and airy Marcasite jewelry feature sparkling stones that have been expertly placed.


Jewelry items and its specifications

Among the Wholesale Jewelry items available at the Hong Factory are various necklaces, earrings and bangle sets made of valuable stones such as agate and crystal. To unleash your inner fashionista while on your summer vacation, you’ll need to stock up on fashionable anklets and toe rings, as well as earrings and bracelets. Even while producing the most delicate ornaments, quality is never compromised. Wholesale Jewelry, wholesale jewelry, wholesale jewelry, wholesale jewelry Stunning silver decorations combine sterling silver with jewels of the highest caliber.

  • With Wholesale Jewelry, Hong Factory has supplied thousands of clients with great service and individualized care.
  • Hong Factory has a dedicated team of designers who can assist you with even the most minor design needs, no matter how big or tiny they may be.
  • Custom designs are available, clearance discounts, and pre-orders if you wish to buy directly from the factory outlet store.
  • Designer clocks in a stunning array
  • Designer watches have become increasingly popular when it comes to Wholesale Jewelry, and Hong Factory’s unique watch selections have you covered. In case you’re bored with your leather strapped watch, check out the Hong Factory unique watch designs.

In summary, no matter what you wear, it won’t be complete without the right accessories. Many people adore jewelry, but they are often dissatisfied with all of the same types and models offered. Everything must be modern and up-to-date at a price they can afford, yet it must still be affordable. Wholesale Jewelry from Hong Factory is available for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Your one-stop destination for designer jewelry.