Ehentai is a site that is dedicated for porn fans who like watching comics, doujinshi and others. When you first visit ehentai, you will note that the site is an imageboard. It gives opportunity for users to upload all types of content in various art styles and languages. It is a huge site with massive collection and it is easy for you may feel intimidated when you visit the site for the first time. However, the site is not complicated as you might think, it is easy to navigate and get the content you want to read or watch.

However, it is also worth knowing that it is a bit different from other websites you might have visited before. There are not such large categories such as loli or yaoi to select. What you note is that all the content and the entire site is driven by search engine. The good thing is that you enjoy a massive number of descriptions and tags on all the content provided. On ehentai main page, this is where you will get the most popular gallery. The site supports a myriad of languages, so you will get content in almost all languages. This means you come across a lot of languages some of which you cannot comprehend. 

E-hentai galleries 

E-hentai galleries have more than five hundred thousand free, cosplay, doujinshi, CG and manga galleries. This is the largest free hentai archive in the world. The galleries are provided in a wide range of languages, so you just select the kind of language you can understand.  This means that if you understand Japanese, you need to include this in your search so that you get images provided in that language. You should include Japanese in the keywords during the search. When you go deeper, you can be sure that you will have a lot of options, you cannot watch in a day. 

Giantess ehentai 

If you like watching those doujinshi, cosplay, manga that involve characters who are extra-large, you will find all of them in Giantess ehentai. You get a lot of then and be sure to know the titles or characters so that you find it easy to get the one that you need to watch. There are a lot of items on the menu, so you might get confused on where to start. But, if you know the ones to watch it will be easy to get in the filters and search within a short time. You will find great giantess porn characters that will offer high level satisfaction, you may not get from other giantess sites. 

Ehentai English 

Ehentai site is dedicated to fans from all parts of the world. So, in order to make sure that fans who speak different languages understand. Ehentai English is dedicated for those fans who can read and comprehend this language. To know that the content is provided in English, you will find the United Kingdom flag beside the content. There are a lot of them provided in this language, thus if this is the only language you understand you will be spoilt of choice. To get what you want first just know the title of the characters and use then during your search. 

Breast expansion ehentai 

Breast expansion ehentai is dedicated to the category of fans who like viewing manga, cosplay, and other sexual comics that involve characters who inflate the breast to make them larger. Unlike the notion that most people have, breast expansion does not only involve the bitches who inflate their titties to make them look more sexually attractive. Breast expansion ehentai also involves men who also inflate their breasts to make them large too. Here you will find some of the top artists and characters known in this area. Just filter according to the artist or characters you want to watch, for easy access. 

Ehentai Naruto 

When you go to Ehentai Naruto, you will enjoy the high level efficiency on how you can get the episodes you want to watch. It is not hard to start viewing the Naruto episodes, all you should do is to go to the main page and filter Naruto and you have a lot of them. Here you will find some of the top works. Although you might not that they are not well organized. You will get the episodes of the different languages mixed together. Therefore, you will also need to include the language you understand when doing the search to make it easy for you. 

Gender bender ehentai 

When you visit ehentai galleries you will find the gender bender category that involves those characters that behave like members of the opposite sex. Here you will find male characters who dress and also behave like women. On the other hand, you will also find female characters behaving like men. There are thousands of them, so you will enjoy watching them for free on Gender bender ehentai. Like all the other categories, you will find them in various languages and artist from different parts of the world. You have the option to search for specific characters and artists you want to enjoy reading and watching their works.  

Ehentai galleries 

The main goal of ehentai is to provide content that offers fans high level satisfactory. When you visit Ehentai galleries has all the manga, cosplay, doujinshi and all other comics you want to watch. Like mentioned above, you will not get any other type of gallery like this online with quality and the large collection of the arts. The galleries are organised to offer efficiency and make it easy for fans to access the ones they want as fast as possible. To make things easier for you, make sure you know the galleries you want to watch before you visit the site, so that you can look for them instantly. 

Furry ehentai 

Furry ehentai has those characters that have animal features such as furs and others. This is one of the categories that most fans like because of the high level entertainment offered by these characters. As you look for your favorite furry ehentai, you will be able to know the date they are uploaded, the uploaders and the rating the work has received from those who have watched. Thus, you will also be able to know the ones that can offer you the best entertainment according to the ratings given by the fans. The arts are also provided in different languages, so you definitely got for the language you understand. 

Ehentai forum

If you are a fan of ehentai and would like to contribute or comment on the arts presented you can do it. All you need to do is to join ehentai forum where you get the opportunity to interact with others fans. Note that you should sign up to have an account in order to contribute. 

Ehentai futanari

Ehentai futanari offers those fans that like watching characters with both male and female sexual organs doing their acts. This is one of the categories that has a large fan base because of the uniqueness presented by these characters. Search for your favorite artist or characters for more entertainment as you watch. 

Transformation ehentai

If you have the right courage you must be a fan of transformation ehentai that involves characters who change to object with inanimate characters or real animals. They are more intimating especially if this is your first time to watch this category, but you get used and enjoy watching them when you get used. 

Ehentai giantess

Giantess is one of the popular categories in porn world. Ehentai Giantess has these characters that have extremely large bodies. All their body parts are large than normal. For instance, you find them with extra-large penises, booties, breast, hips and other body parts. They are fun to watch doing their acts despite of their huge bodies. 

Ehentai gallery

For all high quality manga, doujinshi, cosplay and many others ehentai gallery offer all; of them. The gallery has more than five hundred thousand artworks for you to watch at any given time. The gallery is also updated on a daily basis so you get fresh content anytime you visit the galleries. 

Ehentai growth

Ehentai growth is all about those manga and sex comics where characters whose body parts grow to become very large as they do their things. For instance, you will find their breast, penises, booties and other parts growing making the sexual experience even more interesting. They are all free to watch and no registration is required by the site. 

Ehentai gender bender

Ehentai Gender bender is a category that most people confuse with gayisim or lesbianism, but it is not. This category only involves characters who behave like the members of the opposite sex. You will find male characters thinking that he is a lady, just to note that he is a man when doing the sexual acts. 

Ehentai forums

Ehentai forum allow fans to give comments of the different artists and their works. This is an important aspect of the site since fans have an opportunity to interact among themselves. All members of the forums must have an account to be allowed to put their comments or give the ratings. 

Ehentai transformation

Do you like watching manga or sexual comics where characters will change to be an animal? You can get all of them at ehentai transformation. There are thousands of these comics that you can watch for free. They are also categorized according to different languages, so select the language you understand. 

Rwby ehentai

If you are a fan of rwby anime, you get a lot of them on the site. Rwby ehentai has thousands of them manage and anime that you watch for free, but if you like to make comments, interact with other fans or reviews, you just need to create an account.

Ehentai furry

In case you would like to watch hit sex acts involving characters with fur on their bodies or other animal characters you will get thousands of them on ehentai furry. You will find characters that look like cats, dogs, pigs and other animals that you will enjoy watching for free. 

Ehentai huge breasts

Huge breast are a major attraction to most men and even women who like watching porn. The thirst and urge those fans have is well catered by ehentai huge breasts where you will find characters with such large breasts. You enjoy watching them swing the huge breasts and being sucked during the sexual act. 

Incase ehentai

Ehentai has a large collection of works by artist incase that you can watch. He is one of the top artists whom many fans search for his arts because of their high quality and fun. All you need is to include the work incase in the keywords as you do the search. 

Ehentai Yuri

Lesbian porn has been around for many years, but ehentai Yuri has taken it to another high level. Here you get high quality lesbian sex comics as the bitches enjoy sex among themselves. They are all frees to watch and you get the chance to choose the characters or artist you like most when you watch them. 

Ehentai western

In the past most people used to think that ehentai is a site that has only content from Asia especially Japan or China, but this is not the case. Ehentai western has content and arts by artists from the western countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, UK and many others. 

Ehentai futa

Want to watch a bitch with both female and male sex organs or a guy with male and female organs, ehentai has all these doujinshi and sex comics. These are characters that most of the first timers do not understand how they get engaged in the sexual acts, but after watching you get to enjoy the amazing scenes. 

Ehentai weight gain

Ehentai weight gain has doujinshi, manga, cosplay and other comics that involve characters who gain weight to become extra big. They might gain weight through sexual enlargement, pregnancy and many others body parts. They get bigger and bigger and this is what keeps fans watching those different arts for free.

Ehentai inflation

Inflation porn attracts a huge fan base online around the world. Ehentai inflation showcases those characters who inflate their body parts to become bigger. They inflate the breasts, booties penises and others parts. The inflation is part of the plays, but you also get them engaging in real sexual acts. 

Jay Naylor ehentai

If you are fan of Jay Naylor, you get a lot of his art works on ehentai. Jay Naylor ehentai has all his manga, and doujinshi. To get them quickly you should know the specific comic or episode you would like to watch as you do your search. 

English ehentai

English ehentai has all the content that is presented in English languages. It is a major category because there are a lot of fan who only understand English. For all the content, you find a United Kingdom flag besides the content. Most of the arts here is also by English artists from the western parts of the world.