Interestingly, Apple has been toying with the idea of ​​asking its employees to return to the office for some time now

Apple Park: An envelope of white powder substance was discovered by first responders on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, where tech giant Apple is headquartered, and part of Apple Park was evacuated shortly after, according to reports. According to the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s website, a fire alarm had gone off shortly after 12 a.m. local time, followed by a hazmat response at headquarters.

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Fortunately, security personnel eventually determined that the situation was under control and employees were allowed to re-enter the Park. However, there is as yet no public knowledge of the substance that triggered this panic.

Cupertino informed Apple Park employees via email that authorities had concluded that no hazardous materials were present on the property, adding that campus operations had resumed in all sections and all had returned to normal.

Notably, Apple has been toying with the idea of ​​asking its employees to go back to the office for some time, with the coronavirus disrupting its plans every time. Currently, the workers are working in a hybrid mode of their choice, according to our current understanding. Apple had even announced a $1,000 bonus for all its employees to spend on office equipment to set up their workstations at home while returns to the office are suspended. However, if the current situation continues without any deterioration, Cupertino will begin the phased approach to hybrid work next month.

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