Despite its resounding victory in recent parliamentary elections, the BJP in Uttar Pradesh is likely to conduct a state-level analysis of seats where the party lost or won by narrow margins once the government-building exercise is complete and the MLC elections are over.

Based on the analysis, the timetable of which has yet to be determined, the party can move for organizational changes in the state unit if deemed necessary, senior party officials told ET.

“Previously, the seats we lost or won/lost by narrow margins have also received special attention, and we will also continue the exercise for the current results,” Vijay Bahadur Pathak, vice president of the state party, told ET .

This exercise helped the party win 26 of the 72 seats it lost this time in 2017, he said.

In the recently concluded elections, 18 BJP candidates lost by less than 5,000 votes and six of them lost by less than 1,000 votes.

“At the moment the focus is on government formation, but we will do a state-by-state analysis of the results once we start the exercise,” said another senior party official. “We are not functioning like Congress, which has dumped all its state presidents … in a way that makes them take responsibility for his defeat. We will go to the booth to find out the reasons for the defeat, take responsibility and make organizational changes, if necessary,” he said.

The party’s performance was particularly disappointing in Purvanchal, where the BJP and its allies had won 80 out of 107 seats in 2017. The number dropped to 63 this time.

In fact, along the Purvanchal highway, which has been showcased as an example of BJP’s development model in the backward eastern UP, rival Samajwadi party and its allies have swept four of the eight districts the highway passes through, namely Ambedkarnagar, Ghazipur, Mau. and Azamgarh, who lost only one seat in Mau.

SP also plans to conduct a constituency-level analysis of the results shortly, which will seek feedback from navvies. †

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