Spotify is arguably one of the biggest Audio streaming and media service provider, thereby making it one of the most prominent music sharing platforms found on the internet.

However, this doesn’t imply that it is quite easy you get seen by a target audience because there are a lot of challenges faced to stand out among thousands of other artists.  So you ask yourself, in a world where there are a lot of other artists trying to achieve the same thing as you, what can you do?

There are a lot of things to do to ensure that you stand out on music sharing platforms such as Spotify and one of those ways is to buy playlist plays

Purchase of plays

Just like there is a risk involved in the purchase of Twitter or Instagram followers, the same applies when purchasing Spotify plays. If you purchase plays from a sub-standard company, it is very possible to get red alerts from Spotify. You might get restricted or worst still your account could get completely banned and once you get banned on Spotify, it is quite hard to regain your reputation.

Another risk involved is the purchase of fake plays. You might be able to automate your stats but there is a very high chance that your music might not be listened to at all. This on the long run might not prove beneficial to you as if low time is spent on your tracks; there is a very low chance that you might get recommended by Spotify. Hence, you might just be purchasing fakes views to make your account look good instead of getting real listeners that might actually share your content and make it publicly recognized. 

The risks involved in the purchase of Spotify plays shows that a large amount of discretion has to be used in order to ensure that the purchase is to your benefit and that you don’t get spotted by Spotify.

One way to achieve successful purchase of Spotify plays is buying little amount at first instance instead of purchasing a large amount at once. You could start by a couple hundreds rather than thousands, and then try to work on your music before deciding on another purchase. 

Authentic Spotify plays

There are numerous ways to get authentic plays on your Spotify account. And of them is via Spotify ads. Just like other social media platform like Twitter and YouTube, Spotify creates a way for its artists to promote their music through paid ads to their target audience. 

So technically you not purchasing Spotify plays, you are just indirectly increasing your plays through the legal ad system provided by Spotify. Hence, the more you are willing to pay for the ad, the higher the amount of people likely to come across your content. 

However, to attain plays though this method, you must have a good standing capital as you most times pay a very high price for little return. There is a bright side though; there is zero possibility of getting banned or red flagged by Spotify with this method.