Reality Kings is a very controversial niche website which is aimed at sexually oriented males. It aims to promote “family values”. Reality Kings as it is referred to is actually a porn sub-category which has grown rapidly over the last few years. It gained recognition when it was launched in 2007. The website features an online magazine and various other video clips which are sexually attractive to members.

The magazine and videos are targeted at the niche market of straight adult men. However, members are not limited to this particular section and there are thousands of members who are heterosexual and also love adult films and other forms of pornography. In fact, the website has been accused of objectifying women. However, Reality Kings maintains that the magazine and videos do not target any particular group and are open for all. This is contrary to some sites which prohibit membership of particular groups. The rationale advanced by Reality Kings is that if the site is banned, there would be no money talks.

RK is actually an online hardcore pornography production company based out of Miami Beach, Florida. Reality Kings was launched in 2007 by RK Films, an independent film production company headed by RK Ty. Initially, the idea behind the company was to create its own brand and make it available on the Internet. The company gradually branched out into other areas including marketing and franchising. In the last few years, reality kings have made their name as one of the top online porn networks.

Members who pay for the premium service can enjoy unlimited access to their database of adult movies. They can search through thousands of adult videos and view the ones they like. Members are provided with a large number of free scenes which they can access and use as they wish. On paying for your Reality Kings account, you can decide which scenes you want and when you want them.

The paid membership is a valued one as the site offers a number of advantages and perks for paying the fee. You get full access to the site. You can browse through as many adult movies as you want. You can also create your own personal porn scenes, sort them and even organize them according to categories. The best part about Reality Kings being one of the top online porn sites is that your searches are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and not edited or altered in any way.

Some of the benefits of being a reality kings member include the opportunity to earn cash. By making certain that you perform well in your scenes, you earn credits which can be used to buy credits for your next scene. There are several other opportunities as well such as casting calls and photo shoots. Members are offered the opportunity to attend parties thrown by the company as well as participate in special events and promotions on behalf of the company.

The members enjoy the same level of privacy as any regular member would get. Your personal life is not broadcast to anyone else apart from your immediate family. This private and safe haven also enables members to make new friends all over the world. You can exchange money with fellow members and even make money trades. In fact, the biggest advantage of joining reality kings is that you earn money without actually doing real sex scenes! That’s right – no underwear needed!

To get started with your fantasy lingerie experience, it’s best to register for a reality kings account. It’s free to open a new account and all your previous scenes are still there so you can revisit them anytime. You will be sent a code to activate your members’ privilege to access all adult video clips sent to your email inbox. The best thing about this kind of porn site is that you never need to leave the comfort of your home – your computer can send the images directly to your erogenous zones whenever you want!