Yazdani will operate out of the UK and will set up a team of research scientists to work on new ideas and solutions in Byju’s ecosystem of leather products.

Byju’s has announced the appointment of Majid Yazdani as Vice President of Byju’s Lab, to propel the company’s research and innovation industry. Before joining Byju’s Yazdani, he was a technical leader at Facebook. He will operate out of the UK and will set up a team of research scientists to work on new ideas and solutions in Byju’s leather product ecosystem in Byju’s lab as part of his new mandate.

According to Yazdani, “Technology in education is not just about automation, but also about making the best possible use of students for lifelong learning. Education has the power to change the world.” In his new role, he will focus on delivering technology-driven learning to make quality education accessible, equitable and contextual for every student.

Yazdani comes with over 15 years of experience in technology and AI. He graduated in computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology and obtained his PhD in June 2013 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Yazdani previously worked as a staff scientist at Linkedin and at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland. He joined Facebook AI (Meta AI) in 2018 to build neural networks with compartmentalized knowledge and reasoning. He also holds three patents and has 24 research papers in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

“At Byju’s, we are completely student-oriented at the core. Every decision is made with an all-encompassing promise to support the student life cycle from the grassroots level. By assembling a robust team of highly qualified specialists, Byju’s strives to make technology accessible and approachable. This allows us to push boundaries, create value and create more impactful learning programs for students around the world,” said Dev Roy, Chief Innovation and Learning Officer, Byju’s.

In addition, with continued growth and international expansion, the company seeks to tap into the global talent pool by actively recruiting a wide range of candidates in the United Kingdom, United States and India.

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