To counter the charging requirements for owners of electric two- and three-wheelers, ValetEZ has launched ChargeEZ. The new initiative plans to offer destination charging options to individual and fleet owners.

Bangalore-based ValetEZ, a provider of smart parking solutions, is now set to make its debut in the EV sector. They have launched ChargeEZ, an EV charging solution that focuses on destination charging. Both pay-per-use and subscriptions are offered through the service.

The service is currently only available in Bangalore, but the company plans to expand ChargeEZ to another 10 cities, including Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai. The company plans to strategically place their charging stations in places such as shopping malls, metro stations, office complexes, hospitals and more. This approach to destination charging should address some of the concerns EV owners have regarding charging and having enough energy in the vehicle for their travels.

Owners of electric two- and three-wheelers can find and use charging stations all over the city. The EZ app allows users to locate the nearest charging point. ChargeEZ not only benefits individual users but also benefits fleet owners through a dedicated dashboard with access to various useful analytics. This will provide fleet owners with a wealth of information that will enable more efficient management of the EVs and their charging needs. Supplemented by a smart parking IoT suite, ChargeEZ offers comprehensive user support to consumers using parking and charging subscriptions.

Prashant Chandrasekaran, Co-Founder and COO, ChargeEZ said of the launch of ChargeEZ: “We are excited to launch ChargeEZ, which is synonymous with ‘Charging Destination’ for EVs. As the EV market has taken off in recent years, we have taken a huge step towards building a park and charging platform to address pain points for consumers and businesses. Our pay-per-use and subscription services are designed to enable individual EV owners and fleet owners to access multiple charging stations across the city, making the ValetEZ portfolio stronger and more connected.”

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