When you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it’s important that you know who you’re dealing with. That’s why we’ve created this guide to checking the legitimacy of estate agents in Canary Wharf and London. We’ll explain how to check if an agent is registered and what happens if they aren’t.


A code of practice in England and Wales obliges the estate agents to register with the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA).

The NAEA is an independent trade association, established in 1932, and acts as a voluntary self-regulatory body for its members.

The code requires all members to:

  • Provide clear information on fees, services and costs
  • Ensure that they have written authority from you before they are able to deal with any aspect or detail relating to your sale or purchase
  • Make sure that every member has adequate training at least once every two years


Agencies are allowed to join as many Ombudsman schemes as they like, as long as there are no conflicts of interest.

The Ombudsman scheme is a free and independent service for consumers. It covers all estate agents, whether they are members of the scheme or not. The Ombudsman scheme is not a government body and does not have the power to enforce its decisions but it can make recommendations that any member must comply with.

Agencies are allowed to join as many Ombudsman schemes as they like, as long as there are no conflicts of interest – for example if one agency is already part of another Ombudsman scheme then we will reject their application.


Propertymark Qualifications

Propertymark is the national trade association for the property industry, with over 2,000 members and as such is a professional body for estate agents, valuers and other property professionals. It has been in existence since 1919 and is the largest professional body for estate agents in the UK.

Carrying out thorough checks on any prospective estate agent can be very time consuming, so why not let us save you some time by doing it for you? We’ll check whether they’re registered with Propertymark as well as how many years’ experience they have under their belt.


How do you know if an estate agent is registered? What does it mean if they are not registered?

Once you’ve chosen an estate agent Canary Wharf, it’s important to check whether or not they’re registered with recognized bodies. This will ensure that the estate agent abides by their own rules and regulations, which can help avoid disputes and misunderstandings later on.

  • Check if the estate agent is a member of a professional body
  • Check whether or not the estate agent is regulated by a designated professional body



If you’re looking to rent or buy a property, it’s important to find an agent who is registered and has good customer reviews. This will help you avoid bad agents and make sure your experience of buying or renting goes smoothly. The best way to do this is by checking their credentials with the relevant bodies before choosing them as your agent Canary Wharf. If they don’t have any accreditation at all then maybe it’s time for an alternative!