Why Cloud Computing is Booming In The Market? - GeeksforGeeks

There are some things in your life which matter a lot, and you want to preserve them forever. For instance, the album of childhood photos of your little one is too precious. Similarly, the books of accounts are very important for the business. Imagine what will happen if the books suffer from damages or get lost? You will be in deep trouble. When you save the data on the computer, the same situation may arise if your computer suddenly crashes or the hard disk has some damages. But when you save the data on a virtual platform, it can never suffer from permanent damage. A Cloud computing system is going to give you this facility and many more.

Comparison with physical storage

If you think that storing on the hard disk on the computer and carrying it over the pen drive is the best way to save the data, you are entirely wrong. The process of Cloud Hosting is much better in comparison to physical storage. As you will sav the data on the virtual platform, there will be no tension of carrying the pen drive or what to do if the computer cannot read the pen drive. Accessing the data from anywhere won’t be possible unless you have a virtual storage. 

Security of the data

What if a rival company steals your data form the pen drive? You cannot save your business from suffering huge financial loss. But on using the Cloud system, there will be layers of restriction to the access of data. It depends on you how you would like to permit the grants to the employees and to which data. An employee has the right to access that much data, which is necessary for the job role as per your thinking. It will help to keep the data safe from unnecessary leakage.