Every day, dozens of new competitions for children are published on the Internet. These are promotions where you can win toys, books, puzzles, and sometimes even the latest generations of PlayStation or Xbox. Sounds tempting right? However, it is worth getting to know some of the most important information about competitions addressed to children.

Competitions for children can be a very interesting way to spend time with your family. On the one hand, competition tasks can be very interesting and develop the child’s interests, and on the other hand, they give a chance to win interesting prizes.

So let’s start with the competition tasks. Since a given promotional campaign is addressed to the youngest, the level of difficulty is usually not too high. However, make sure that the contest is in line with your child’s interests.

The most common competition tasks are:

  • Drawing a nice picture
  • Writing a short poem
  • A simple arcade game
  • Taking an interesting photo

Characters known from cartoon films, such as Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig, very often appear in competition tasks. Children love them and it’s easier to get them interested that way.

And what prizes can you win?

The organizers of such competitions try to hit children’s tastes as accurately as possible. The most common prizes are:

  • Toys
  • Sweets sets
  • Next-gen game consoles
  • Puzzle
  • Cinema tickets
  • Books and comics
  • Trips

The prizes are the main motivation to induce participation in a given promotion. The more interesting the prize, the more willing to get it. In some competitions, prizes are guaranteed. Usually these are some small things, but for a child it can be very pleasant surprise.

An important element that should be paid attention to is safety. While the child may have a great deal of freedom in performing the competition task, the completion of the competition form should be carried out under the supervision of an adult. This is important as the application forms require a lot of sensitive personal information. So better check what needs to be entered there. 

First, you may not want to provide some information. Secondly, check that the details are correct so that the prize is sent to the correct address😊

And at the very beginning, be sure to talk to your child and explain that only a few win prizes. Winning a prize shouldn’t be the sole motivation. Thanks to this, you will avoid disappointment and the participation in the competition will be a very pleasant experience.