G-23 leader Ghulam Nabi Azad met congresswoman Sonia Gandhi on Friday, a day after members of the dissenting group held a series of meetings on measures to revive the party.

After the Group of 23 pitched for “inclusive and collective leadership” at the congress, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, one of its members, met Rahul Gandhi on Thursday and the two leaders were told they had discussed a revamp of the party organization. demand of the dissenters.

The rallies are seen as an attempt by the Gandhi family to contact the G-23, which is showing signs of increasing leadership aggression after Congress’ major loss in parliamentary elections in five states.

Earlier on Friday, Azad also met veteran Congress leader Karan Singh and said he came to greet Singh on Holi.

Rahul Gandhi, a former president of Congress, had called Hooda to discuss the political situation in Haryana. However, the discussion turned to the party’s abysmal performance in the elections.

Sonia Gandhi had contacted Azad earlier on Wednesday ahead of the G-23 dinner meeting at his residence.

The group’s leaders have since held a series of meetings at Azad’s residence.

The party leadership wants to resolve the disputes with the G-23 and is seeking contact with its leaders. According to sources, it has been learned that some senior leaders have been sent to consult with the deviant group to resolve the differences.

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