Continental India has reached the production milestone of five million electronic braking systems (EBS) at its Gurgaon plant. The company managed to reach this milestone in just five years.

Technology company Continental has announced that its Gurgaon plant has reached the milestone of five million electronic braking systems (EBS). The company managed to reach this milestone in just five years. Continental says this milestone is important as the company has ensured that its production schedule was not affected despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Continental’s EBS portfolio includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for passenger cars and Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) for passenger cars and two-wheelers.

Krishan Kohli, Head – Segments, Vehicle Dynamics and Hydraulic Brake System, Continental Automotive India said: “This is an outstanding milestone as it complements our broad focus on safe mobility and our commitment to Vision Zero – Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries and Zero Crashes. † Demand for our security solutions has grown in both the local and global markets, and we are currently in a strong position to meet our customers’ needs and market demand.”

He added: “Localization has been another important aspect of Continental India’s strategy as we have reached the $5 million milestone as we have consistently increased our manufacturing and R&D footprint in India in line with preferences and needs of our customers. Most importantly, our electronic braking systems have contributed directly to making approximately five million vehicles safer today. Our goal is to increase annual EBS production capacity by 25 percent over the next three years.”

Founded in 1871, Continental offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In keeping with the company’s commitment to safety, the localization of EBS units in Gurgaon (India) began in 2016, while the production of Electronic Control Units (ECU) for EBS was set up at the Bangalore plant in January 2018. In addition to catering to leading OEMs in the local market, the EBS are also exported to other Asian regions.

Anudeep Garg, head of the Gurgaon factory, Continental Automotive India, said: “It is great that we have been able to reach this number despite the ongoing pandemic. Of course there were challenges we had to face, but kudos to the whole team who Despite adversity, we have persevered to reach this milestone. This has also been possible in large part thanks to Industry 4.0 practices, which are helping the entire production value chain. We have optimized our efficiency, quality, productivity and reduced operational costs.”

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