While the pandemic has accelerated the need for smart home appliances, the need was there before.

By Nirupam Sahay

Homeowners are increasingly looking for convenience and comfort. They want to feel as relaxed and productive as possible at home. Fortunately, a huge amount of innovation in Smart Home Appliances in recent years makes this possible.

Smart homes strive to provide every possible comfort, meeting many user requirements that were once thought unattainable. Especially during the pandemic, the concept of smart homes made sitting at home during the lockdowns much more comfortable. With connected devices and artificial intelligence, homes became an ideal sanctuary for doing remote work, learning online, doing fitness routines and fulfilling personal obligations. Smart home appliances allowed people to have more control over their environment and be more productive and relaxed as they braved the pandemic.

While the pandemic has accelerated the need for smart home appliances, the need was there before. According to a study published in Statistica, the expected number of smart homes in India will be 44.2 million by 2025.

The benefits and reasons why home automation enabled with Smart Home Appliances is quickly becoming the norm:

True Convenience: The convenience factor of implementing and using lighting, fans, cookware and other smart home appliances is huge. Using a centralized control gives people more control over their environment. For example, smart LED lighting can go further than just being energy efficient; it gives the user control over setting the lighting according to their mood. If they want to be productive, they can make it brighter; if they want a quiet environment, they can dim it. Seamless implementation and use: smart home appliances are easy to install and flexible in their implementation and use. For example, in the case of Fans, users can upgrade to new models without any problems that offer them more comfort and control. There are no major infrastructural changes that need to be made to upgrade to smart home appliances. Increased home security: One of the key benefits is that smart homes and connected devices provide a high level of security and safety. For example, a smart countertop hob would detect any kind of malfunction or overheating and alert the user to potential danger. Even something as simple as a kettle indicates the temperature so that the user is not injured. Improved Device Functionality: Using smart devices gives users more options in functionality. Smart heating and air-conditioning units, for example, offer users more options than conventional units. They provide greater involvement in adjusting settings and preferences to meet consumer needs. This, combined with artificial intelligence that helps improve functionality and maintenance, ensures that a SMART home offers maximum comfort. Greater environmental friendliness: Climate change is real and the environment needs to be protected. Unfavorable climatic conditions have left homeowners looking for alternative and sustainable options. Energy-efficient Smart home appliances allow the same tasks to be performed better without harming the environment. This eco-friendliness advantage also contributes greatly to the demand for smart home appliances among the younger generation of homeowners. Living more consciously: Using SMART home appliances goes beyond just creating the perfect home environment. It also provides the user with more significant insights into their lifestyle. Based on these insights, smart home device users often choose healthy lifestyle options that maximize their productivity and well-being. Everyone wants to live better, and with as little stress as possible, and this requirement is perfectly met with the use of smart home appliances.

Home automation through SMART home appliances is clearly the future. Tremendous progress is being made in this space and very soon this way of living will become the new normal. Smart home appliances are not only paving the way for greater convenience, but are also enabling a lifestyle that is safer, healthier, more aware and generally better.

(The author is ED & CEO, Lighting and Consumer Durables, Surya Roshni. The views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of Financial Express Online.)

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