About 6-7 lakh children in the age group of 12-14 in Delhi will be eligible for vaccination to begin with, and the number will continue to increase as the days go by, they said.

The Delhi government is all set for the Covid vaccination of children aged 12-14 from Wednesday, with staff training all stakeholders and receiving vaccine doses, as authorities have determined that the population of 6-7 lakh in qualifies for this age group.

The city government has received 6,31,400 doses of Corbevax vaccine to date, official sources said Tuesday.

About 6-7 lakh children in the age group of 12-14 in Delhi will be eligible for vaccination to begin with, and the number will continue to increase as the days go by, they said.

“We are all prepared, with training given to staff from all stakeholder departments, vaccine doses received and the education department also helping us in the exercise. The challenge would be to ensure that the beneficiary who comes in for vaccination is not even one day younger than 12 years of age on any day of the vaccination,” a senior official told PTI.

“Since the vaccination for this age group will start on Wednesday, on the first day, there would be only a symbolic exercise and not a full-fledged one, with the authorities in each district choosing one school for it. Some districts may choose more than one school, but for the most part it will be a symbolic exercise meaning only a few children will be vaccinated,” he said.

When asked about the reason behind the planned token exercise on day one, the official said that there are software integration issues for this age group on the CoWIN portal, as it is a new group, so strict age validity checking will be needed, and “so , usually it will be through walk-in on Wednesdays”.

“We will check the Aadhaar card or the I-card of the school to make sure that the beneficiary is absolutely eligible according to the standard,” he added.
Official sources said there will be special outreach CVCs (Covid Vaccination Centers) for all private schools that authorities will request.

For government schools, similar sessions would be held in consultation with the director of education and other authorities, they said.

Vaccines will also be made available in some of the major CVCs, along with other Covid vaccines, sources say.

According to data shared by the official sources, 140 CVCs in 11 districts in Delhi have been identified for the vaccination exercise.

Meanwhile, the Center on Tuesday released guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination of children between the ages of 12-14 that will begin from March 16, and said only Corbevax vaccine would be used for beneficiaries of this age group.

According to the guidelines, two doses of the intramuscular vaccine Corbevax from Biological E’s would be administered to beneficiaries aged 12-14 years with an interval of 28 days.

Biological E Ltd has supplied 5 crore doses of Corbevax to the Center and the vaccine has been distributed among states, sources said Monday.

District authorities in the national capital have also prepared for the vaccination of children in this age group.

Vaccination doses and logistics equipment have been distributed to all districts in the city, officials said, adding that a symbolic vaccination exercise will be held on Wednesday to mark National Immunization Day.

Nearly 25-30 centers will be created in the city where COVID-19 vaccination will be carried out for the group. Most of these locations will be in schools. Along with doctors and nurses, teachers and civil defense volunteers would also be involved in this “massive exercise,” they said.

A senior Southeastern District official here said vaccination for children in the age group of 12-14 will be conducted at four locations.

“Two centers have been created in Kalkaji, and one in Sarita Vihar and Jangpura. More sites will open later in the day. Walk-in facilities will also be provided at the vaccination centers.

“There are 84,000 children in the district, who fall in the age category of 12-14 years. They get the Corbevax vaccine. The vaccination will only be performed in government facilities,” the official told PTI.

The Directorate of Education has also been approached to provide a school-wise list of eligible children so that they can receive vaccines only on their school grounds, officials said.

A Southern District official said special training was provided to all personnel involved in the ride.

“During training, they are told to check the age of children before administering the vaccine to them, as no children under the prescribed age group are eligible for the vaccine,” he said.

The number of vaccination centers will be expanded from Thursday, the official said.

According to the guidelines of the Center, vaccination from 12-14 years would be carried out through special inoculation sessions to avoid accidental vaccination with other COVID-19 vaccines.

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