Unfortunately, people have some misconceptions regarding game based learning versus Gamification. Understanding the difference between these two options is really important to get going with some positive results, and even before using game based learning as one medium to help your child’s mind grow. Most people think gamification to be a game based learning module, which is not at all true. Gamification is mainly targeted to be the use of game design elements, thinking and game mechanics in non-gaming ways. The main aim over here is to motivate and then promote involvement in the current non-gaming elements. The main purpose of gamification is to reward users for some behaviors. So, gamification in online learning might encourage students to learn more and compete with one another.

Example to focus at:

You can use some gamification systems like Classcraft in your digital classrooms. Here, a classroom is primarily re-imagined using games, technology and storytelling in such a manner that will add interaction and fun under usual curriculum. Students get the chance to create any character and play as part of one team and get rewarded with experience and points. They are likely to get judged on factors like uniqueness, team work and some other life skills.

More on game based learning:

On the other hand, game based learning will use games for achieving educational goals. Here, the Sudoku game will force little ones to apply their minds for solving some of the complex issues. It is also quite proven to sharpen memory of kids and improve their present abstract learning modes. Moreover, it helps to teach kids some of the life skills like focus, decision making skills and patience. These factors will eventually lead to quality and improved learning in the end.  So, there is a good difference between gamification and game based learning.