White wines have existed for more than 4000 years. It is considered a very versatile drink that can be consumed at parties, fancy dinners, and some people consume it on a routine basis as a habit. The calories present in white wine are quite less. Here you will find Sangria systembolaget

  • Sa Fita 2017-


The Grapes can make other wines and Sangria systembolaget like Chardonnay, Prensal Blanc, Muscat. An expressive wine that surprises the nose with its sumptuous bouquet of apricot, citrus, and white flowers. Complex and exciting! The COLOR of this wine is  Elegant straw yellow with shades of green. The AROMa is- Aromatic, candied white fruit, very ripe apple. In the background quince jam, fine spices, and a long tone of Mediterranean aromatic herbs. The overall TASTE of the wine is Direct and clean on the palate, full of character. Fresh fruity acid. Explosions of white fruit and flowers, with a long creamy surface.

  • Muscat 2016-


Special Grape that make Muscat and Sangria systembolaget. A dry wine with a recognizable floral aroma that is typical of the white grape variety that can not be mistaken for names such as Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Moscatel de Frontignan, Muscat d’Alsace, or Moscato d’Asti Moscatel. The Color is Yellow with a green tone and with light elements. The scent emphasizes floral aromas; Jasmine, well-integrated in a violet background of ripe fruit; apple and melon. The taste is fresh with good acidity, silky smooth, with good structure. Intense aftertaste with a long and lasting aroma.

  • QBQ 2019-


It is Stored on acacia barrels. The exceptional character of white wine Sangria systembolaget comes from its complex and intense aroma and is not at all heavy. Fresh wine with intense volume and aftertaste that invites more. It has a Velvety texture. The overall taste and aroma are Floral and fruity tones.

  • The Blanc de Blancs 2017- 


The grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected. It is Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The Color- White wine with pale yellow color and light green reflections, well polished. The Aroma that You will find aromas of fruit and white flowers with a citrus and herbal notes. First impressions are elegant, with a well-integrated acidity that generates freshness and volume.

  • L’arxiduc Blanc 2017-


The Grapes: Muscat, Chardonnay, and Parellada The Appearance is Straw colored. Clear and bright, almost crystal. The Aroma that comes is Fruity (tropical pineapple) banana and a clean flower aroma. Light and refreshing taste that gives a pleasant passage through the mouth. A slight acidity gives the wine an elegant freshness. The aroma hints at stone fruit (apricot, mango) with banana and green apples. Very suitable for grilled fish, seafood. Vegetable soup, fried food, and tapas. Alcohol content: 13% Volume: 75 cl.


  • Sa Sivina 2018-


Said Sivina 2018 has a medium-aromatic intensity. Pure aromas with different fruit properties (quince, banana, melon, apple). Bright flowers (almond and peach flowers). Light tones of toast and brioche. Dry and nice, pleasant freshness. Fruity and flavors of roasted almonds. Medium finish/finish in the palate.