Like any other home appliance, your water softener needs regular maintenance in order to continue working at maximum capacity. This is particularly true since hard water is always running through the machine, which can result in a build up of deposits and other harmful residues if not serviced and cleaned regularly. The key to maintaining soft water in your household is to prevent hard water build-up by cleaning and servicing the pelican pc1000 equipment as needed. You can maintain soft water through simple tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine.

There are three key points to look for to identify whether the water softener in your home is working properly or not. First, check the gallons per minute, or GPM, of water coming from the unit. Ideally, this should be between sixty and ninety gallons per minute. If it is lower than sixty gallons per minute, or higher than one hundred and twenty gallons per minute, it may be time for a replacement.

Secondly, check the water softener’s valve to make sure it is not leaking. It should be made out of brass plated material. Leaks in these valves can result in a build-up of lime and scale deposits on the inside walls of the valve, which causes hard water to form. To determine if the valve needs to be replaced, simply open it up and give it a good run for about ten seconds. If there is a discernable smell of gas, then the valve may need to be replaced.

The third and final step in maintaining softening in your water softener is to change your salts each month. A softening system that uses table salt to soften the water will not do much good if it is constantly being overloaded with salt. The best kind of salt to use is rock salt because it contains the best amount of sodium chloride. Rock salt also dissolves more quickly than table salt, meaning it can enter your water softener faster and get softened more quickly. You can purchase rock salt at your local department store or online in stores specializing in natural and alternative household products.

If you are using a water softener for your entire home, make sure to change the sodium in your drinking water regularly as well. Using tap water to make tea, coffee or any other drinks can lead to problems. The chemicals used in the process of making these drinks can cause serious problems for your kidneys and eventually cause them to fail.

Water softeners may be necessary for certain circumstances, but they are not necessary for all situations. If you have issues with your hot water or your hardness levels, don’t waste money on an expensive appliance. Spend a few dollars and get a better water system that will save you money and time. You may find that your hard water and your soap-making problems will disappear once you get a softer machine. If you think you do, then give it a try.