All of us are weighed down by our possessions. Our relationships and even our own self-esteem suffer as a result of our lack of awareness of the baggage we carry. The number of burdens we carry must be unlimited; we just pile it on top of, inside, and through the current baggage, causing many problems and emotional effects leading to the abandonment of our spirituality.

What is the Source of Burdens?

The consequences of failed relationships and ineffective coping mechanisms, setbacks, and life blow that were meant to strengthen us instead weaken us as we choose the wrong path to healing, crushing childhood experiences, the stealing of our spirits, abuse, neglect, sorrow, death, divorce, bullying, insincere mutual understanding, lack of love, fear, and so on.

This list may go on forever but one thing that all of us have in common is the coping techniques we choose to use.

If we go the wrong route, we will simply draw additional luggage, including such complex tiny and bulky huge bags, packages, cartons, and bundles of fear-producing tension that are both little and enormous in size.

The proper road, the narrow path that many people do not follow because it is painful will lead to the alleviation of burden and the learning to live a free life in the long run and Get Balance Emotions.

At least when it comes to the majority of people who can be honest with themselves, this is their fate. Obviously, is a well-known AA truism, one that is incorporated in the biblical paradigm of recovery. We have all got it to some degree or another. Simply being honest with oneself about one’s situation is the best gift one can give themselves in the process of shedding unwanted, fear-inducing hurtful burdens.

Understanding the truth about relationship outcomes is critical. The only way forward is to constantly and routinely reflect on our started actions and reactions and to hold ourselves accountable for our choices.

Where in the results of our relationships are the most important predictors of our success or failure.

The past may be frightening, but if we handle the present with respect, we will ultimately get the bravery and insight of consciousness to extend back and embrace those frightening elements of our own history and those things that will eternally hold people back until they are disclosed and dissolved by God’s wonderful light.

What Can We Do to Keep Moving Forward?

There are numerous ways on how to deal with our burdens and forgetting your past is not the answer. Our past is but a stepping stone for us to become much better than we were in the past.

Let me Tell You What Can Help

Journaling, write down all of your feelings and reread them and ask yourself what you can do to change them. Do you want to feel sad and depressed or do you want to be the best version of yourself?

See a therapist, it is given that you will have a ton of difficulties which include insomnia, unable to eat and concentrate, and many more. Therapist is there to assess you, listen, and prescribe you medication for your concerns.

But there are also rules to follow when taking them, and that is to take them exactly on the time you are told to take them and never to mix them with alcohol.


Self-love and self-improvement are a necessity in all of us. Do what is best for you, Get Balance Emotions, and rule the world.