Long term drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs which take 180 to 360 days will assist to treat long term alcohol or drug addiction with intensive, specialized and supportive therapies and by enabling the addicted individual to regain his or her regular life at the end of the rehab stay. Most of the drug rehab florida centers provide personalized services based on the age, sex, physical dependence and severity of addiction.

Long term rehab facilities offer patients the best possible chance to get well and to stay clean. They are equipped with highly experienced, compassionate and supportive staff who offer a host of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments. Some of the drug rehab Florida rehabs are Ashtabula Healthcare Services, Inc. That has state of the art drug and alcohol rehabilitation and outpatient treatment facilities.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a spiritual community that offers a variety of recovery programs. It provides no-cost admissions for its members, inpatient treatment and psychiatric nursing care, inpatient treatment for members with serious addiction, inpatient treatment for alcoholics who have long-term psychiatric illness and families that are willing to commit to ongoing outpatient treatment. It accepts men, women, adolescents and children regardless of socioeconomic background and ages. The treatment for the individual patient is determined by the client’s specific needs.

Alcoholics Anonymous offers two options for treatment. One is the Twelve-Step program, which emphasizes the fact that people who suffer from alcoholism have a problem that must be addressed because it destroys their ability to live a productive and responsible life and to trust other people. It provides tools for finding purpose and healing, self-empowerment, alternative sources of support, and education about the cause and treatment of alcoholism. The other option is the Detox program, which relieves the body of alcohol and assists in restoring the physical body’s ability to function normally. Both options require enrollment in a twelve-step program and follow up care at a health care facility.

Drug and alcohol rehab programs are available at affordable cost and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Each drug rehab program offers individualized rehabilitation plans and is focused on meeting the special needs of the client. All centers are fully accredited and have highly trained physicians and staff members who are committed to treating patients humanely and efficiently. Each drug rehab program offers a variety of support systems, including medical, psychiatric, spiritual and behavioral therapies as well as education programs to help patients understand their past and learn how to deal with their future.

There are several options available to help an addict recover from their addiction. Drug and alcohol rehab centers utilize a variety of treatment options including inpatient treatment, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, short term therapy, detox and life coaching. The length of time that someone is treated for their drug or alcohol addiction will depend on the severity of their addiction, as well as the severity of their dependency. Some treatment options may be recommended by the treating physician or therapist while others may be more strongly suggested by your counselor or addiction specialist.

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