PARAKH is an AICTE-SLA project designed to gain an understanding of the various factors for student skill development in technical institutes across India.

Institutions are required to register on the PARAKH online portal and be part of the online student learning assessment program, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) – the regulatory body said on Wednesday. PARAKH is an AICTE-SLA project designed to gain an understanding of various factors related to skill development among students in technical institutes across India. It aims to bridge the gap between industry demands and the learning process. In addition, it aims to provide students of technical colleges with the opportunity to seek suitable employment according to their capabilities.

The portal contains industry-related questions in analytical, communicative, quantitative, comprehensive, application-based formats. “If a university of applied sciences wants to assess an entire class, the entire class can attend the test. The advantage is that if students lag behind in a certain area, the institution can take corrective action,” said Rajive Kumar, member secretary of AICTE. In addition, faculty members can attend the tests if they need to.

At present, there are about 1.6 lakhs questions in the database compiled by industry professionals and experts. Soon there will also be facilities for teachers to share questions in the portal. The questions are available in multiple languages. Users can choose the language or switch between them according to the requirements. “It will be mandatory for all colleges and institutions to register on the PARAKH portal for further procedures of the affiliation process under RGPV University. Second, the varsity research department will be tasked with creating a field related to PARAKH,” said Sunil Kumar, Vice Chancellor, RGVP Bhopal.

According to Akash Tripathi, chief secretary of technical education iInternationally, portal should also provide some comparisons with their skills and aptitude level from other countries.

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