The first question that comes to every mind is that does everyone need to learn to code? Or Is it so essential that you cannot get a good job without knowing how to code? Coding is the way to communicate with the computer. We use programming languages to give instructions to the computer to perform some action to create or design websites, software, web applications and many more. For every IT professional, coding is as necessary as reading and writing. It is one of the essential skills that you have to possess for being a successful IT professional. Nowadays, internet usage has been increased exponentially, and everyone is adopting new technologies. From agriculture in rural areas to a multinational company in urban areas, we are using technology. Organizations around the world are also moving toward digitization and trying to run their business remotely. Approximately 80% of the jobs that we do is on computers. For example, only 1-2% of workers are working in the railroad industry today, one-fifth of the workers working a few years back. But then also, we have improved from past years. Thus, the conclusion comes that depending on technology will help us do things better and faster. There are some reasons which will help you in your career if you learn how to code.   1)Improve problem-solving skills- Programmers solve their problems by breaking it into small sub-problems until they can quickly solve those sub-problems. After solving sub-problems, they integrate all the solution as one which solves the complete problem. It might seem overwhelming at firms, but this makes a complicated problem very simple due to which they solve every part of it to find the complete solution.   Coding teaches you the way on how to think. Problem-solving skill is needed in everyone to deal with all the problems. Coding might help gain balance.   2)Improves flexibility- Coding allows you to build your website according to your needs. You need not depend on others to build your website, and it also helps you cut the cost of programmers for creating a website. The benefit that programmers get is that they can work remotely and a great chance to become a freelancer also.   In today’s world, there are many applications, software’s and websites available that are part of our lives, and it feels great to be able to create such sites or applications as no one can understand your needs better than you. It will be a blessing to be able to build your site according to your needs.   3)Improves Consistency- While programming, you need to think logically about the problems. Thus, you cannot give up in a difficult situation. While learning to code, you must own the quality of persistence and repeatedly try until the problem gets solved, this will also improve your patience level. Everyone can’t learn to code. It is an essential skill like reading and writing for an IT professional, but it is not as easy as the other two. If you are interested in coding and have problem-solving skills, you can think of a career in this field. There is no prerequisite; you can learn by doing coding classes. For a successful career, you need to earn certifications that validate your knowledge about the programming languages you use to do coding. There are some websites which offer you courses to prepare for the certification exam like uCertify.   One needs to update their knowledge and skills with time as technology changes very rapidly. Technical organizations want to save money but need excellent programming skills to build and design their websites or software on different technologies. Thus, coders are expected to learn faster and work on programming languages which are more in demand like HTML and JavaScript for front-end coding and Python, PHP & MySQL, C#, Java, SQL and many more for back-end coding while building the websites and Java can also be used for building android mobile applications also.   There is a huge demand for coders in the current job market, and it is growing 12% faster than the demand in other fields. It is the core skill that you need to increase your salary in the field of information technology. It would be best if you specialized in a programming language for a bright future. Some certification exams will help you validate your knowledge like the 1Z0-815 certification exam for Java, 98-382 certification exam for JavaScript, MCSA 70-483 certification exam for C#, and many more.   Apart from the talent and skill, it would be best to have a never giving attitude to face the problems. You have to keep yourself updated with the latest technology in demand as we have a cut-throat competition in this field, and you have to prove yourself better than the others. If you are interested in coding and ready to take the challenges in this field, you will have a bright career in this field. Happy learning!  


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