Let us assume that you have been a victim of a car accident and in bed for few months. Although you may have insurance policies to help you, it would take a lot of effort to get your compensation by yourself. So, you would seek the help of a car accident lawyer to help you get it. However, the lawyer could not fight with the court and the companies of insurance on your behalf without having some proof of the accident and the supporting documents for your insurance claim. So, you should submit all these documents before your attorney could start the case on your behalf. In this article, let us look at all the necessary documents you would have to submit to your attorney for better results with the case. Insurance files You must have the insurance files and copies to claim the amount for your recovery. You would have renewed the insurance policy recently and you should submit these copies to your lawyer. Once the attorney gets hold of the clear documentation of the policy, it will become easy for him to negotiate with the company and get you the compensation. So, you should not forget to add the insurance copies in the documentation submitted to your lawyer. Medical records You will definitely go through some medications and recovery processes with the help of a hospital or a physician. However, you will get some files about your condition and the reasons for that from these medical people. These reports could say that whatever you say that you have faced during the accident is true. Also, a medical report could say when the injuries happen. So, you need not worry about timestamping to confirm that your injuries are due to that accident. However, you should make sure that your medical reports got submitted to your attorney. Police records Whenever an accident happens, the police department would rush to the spot and would start their inquiry about the event. The victim and the witnesses would provide the information of what they know. Once the necessary information is obtained, the police will generate a report for the event. This report could help you support your claims in the case and you should submit the report to the lawyer. Witness details Although the police would have enquired about the witnesses, it would be more helpful if you have the contact details of a person who has seen the event live. This witness can help you support your claim and it is necessary to submit the contact information and other details of the witness to your lawyer. He would then contact the witness whenever he wants and will get what he wants to support the case. Compensation files If you have spent a lot on your recovery process, you can claim them using the necessary receipts of medicines and other treatments. Also, you can ask for reimbursement of the income you lost by submitting your income statements.


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