Reroofing your place can be one of the most important investments that you are making. Ideally, you would want the roof that you replace to last a long time and withstand different weather conditions. 

If you are choosing to replace your roof covering you should be able to get in touch with a reliable reroof Stockport contractor. There are many of them available in Stockport from which you can choose one for your needs. 

Types of Services Contractors Offer

There are various types of services most reroof Stockport contractors offer. The most common services offered by them are as follows: 

  • Reclaimed Slate Work
  • Concrete or Clay Plain Tile
  • Modern Concrete Tile (Larger)
  • Flat Roofing with Fibreglass or GRP

You can choose the services you need from them for your place and request a quote for the same from reroof Stockport contractors. 

Reclaimed Slate Work

It is said that reclaimed slate work done for roofs by reroof Stockport contractors are one of the most reliable options. They are both used as a new reroofing option or for a patchwork that needs to be done. For patchworks you can choose second hand slate to cut costs. 

Reroofing experts are also capable of installing Chinese, Brazilian, or stone roofs if you wish them to. However, the prices for the same would differ based on their availability and the cost for new installations in Stockport. 

Concrete or Clay Plain Tile

These tiles are considered to be the best when it comes to appearance of your place. They are both traditional and are said to endure the test of time. In case you wish for a cheaper option you can choose concrete tiles for your place. 

Modern Concrete Tile (Larger)

Concrete tile installation done by reroof Stockport contractors are said to be more economical. The dimensions are usually 10 X 6 and that can work out to be very economical if you are tight on funds and budget. 

Flat Roofing with Fibreglass or GRP

GRP is nothing but glass reinforced plastic that you can use for roofing. This is a common type of roofing that is done on places that wish to have a flat roof. Moreover, the reason people choose to use flat roofing for their houses is due to its durability and reliability. 

They are said to last for up to 50 years. This means you are potentially cutting down the costs involved with reroofing. You are also likely to get a guarantee for the reliability factor of the roof which may not be the case with other types of roofs.