If you have been into the auto parts business for quite a while now, then you must have been familiar with this process, or at least have heard of it a few times already.

This is a process that has been of great use in the automotive industry in the present times, so in order for you to become more familiarized with this process, you have to learn more about the process that is commonly known as hydroforming.

First of All, What is Hydroforming?

Hydroforming refers to the process of fabricating and forming metal, which would allow the process of shaping various kinds of metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and even stainless steel. This is often considered a cost-effective and specialized type of die molding which makes use of highly pressurized fluid in order to form metal.

In the general sense, the process of hydroforming can be classified into two categories – one is Sheet Hydroforming, and the other is Tube Hydroforming.

The first type is making use of one die and a sheet of metal. This is done when the blank sheet is being driven into the die by running high-pressure water on one side of the said sheet, which then forms the desired shape of the metal.

On the other hand, the other type involves the expansion of metal tubes into the desired shape by using two (2) die halves. The metal tube is contained in the said die halves.

Where is Hydroforming Generally Used?

Hydroforming is primarily used in order to replace the old process where you have to stamp two halves and weld them together. Aside from that, it is also used to make certain parts more efficiently by means of eliminating, welding, and by creating a number of complex shapes and contours in the metal.

In order for you to know as well, the auto parts that are created through this method have a number of benefits that have something to do with manufacturing, such as seamless bonding, increased strength, as well as the ability to maintain surfaces of high quality for the finishing purposes.

Compared to the traditional versions of auto parts that are stamped and welded, the hydroformed auto parts are lightweight, come at a lower cost for each unit, and are made with a higher ratio of stiffness and weight. The said process can also be done in one single production stage, effectively saving a large amount of labor, materials, and tools.

Why Hydroforming is Highly Important

Hydroforming is a very important process in the present times, especially in the field of automobile parts. It is because it has the great capacity to produce the highest quality of metal components and tools that can be used as auto parts of a superior kind.

Since it is a fact that this process, both the sheet and tube versions, can be used to shape a large number of metals to form the best quality of auto parts, you can be assured that the auto parts that you’re going to buy will be of the highest quality and value for your money.