The same Austrian railway öbb auskunft may keep looking back on a lengthy history. The Emperor Ferdinands-Nordbahn, originally opened in 1836 and then was finished shortly afterward, is regarded as the beginning of the railroad (including locomotive movement) throughout Austria.

Throughout the decades that followed, the successful and popular Nordbahn-Gesellschaft built a vast railway system until being nationalized in 1906. Several significant alpine railway stations were constructed, as well as the öbb auskunft became an integral element of Austria’s governmental, sociological, as well as cultural environment in the nineteenth century.

Regular train links

The International Exhibition at Viennese in 1873, besides example, necessitated a regular train link to the Austrian Prater, which further indicated because the more nearly 50,000 manufacturers had to get their products to the location, but an even bigger number of visitors arrived to see it. Trains were often used for public appearances. Empress Wilhelm II, for instance, paid a rail visit to Friedrich Wilhelm I inside Schönbrunn House in 1908 to commemorate his 60th year on the kingdom.

You may get answers to all of your inquiries regarding the Austrian Government Railway lines in a variety of methods.

Call center for öbb auskunft

For professional and pleasant personally identifiable information, this same öbb auskunft Call center seems to be excellent. Around the clock, experienced workers there answer any queries concerning rail and bus trips. Also, you can find more information concerning long – term and high transportation, ticket bookings, applications for handicapped as well as group excursions, and almost everything else you need to understand concerning OBB.

In addition, this same OBB webpage provides detailed öbb auskunft on travelling with them. There seems to be an incorporated route organizer there that provides you detailed scheduling information as well as lets you organize your journeys from start to finish. The website is simple to use, and everybody that might be useful for cautious travel preparation has been considered.

Travelling information at obb

This section includes öbb auskunft regarding travelling in groups, including dogs or motorcycles, maid service as well as transportation alternatives, personal schedules, and so much more. After all course, you will be told in full more about BB’s current tariffs as well as pricing, you will be educated about observed frequencies offers, and then you’ll be able to buy tickets mostly on the internet. There is also important knowledge on the services that are available at the stops and aboard the trains.

The Democracy of Austria retained 100% ownership of OBB (Austrian national railway station). There would have been significant expenditures in new infrastructure improvements throughout the early 1990s.


Last but just not distant; you may get öbb auskunft at the railway terminals independently. There are BB sales locations where you may receive information as well as purchase a ticket. If you’d like to arrange the train travel in rest and would like specific information on anything which might be of importance, the BB webpage has all you need.