Eliquids are becoming the norm all over the world with vaporesso being among the most loved brands. There are things that you need to understand regarding them before you decide if it is meant for you or not.

E-liquids for a throat hit that is smooth

There happen to be two ways of softening the e-liquid throat hit.

First, you can decide to use nicotine salts.  The nic salts are known to be relatively an innovation that is new that was originally introduced due to vapers finding the hit in the nicotine to have high strength e-liquids, which is not available in the UK but legal in the US, to be too harsh. 

The nicotine salts which use the original form of nicotine, which is found in the leaves of the tobacco, creates a throat hit that is much smoother. It might also tend to increase the nicotine speed of delivery, which makes it to become more satisfying.  

Nicotine salts are known to be quite popular with the new vapers and known to be ideal for smokers who prefer mild/light tobacco and cigarettes. Nevertheless, if you are the type who like strong hit on the back of your throat, that might not be for you.  example of the nic salts include Ohm Brew, Nasty Juice salts and Halo salts.

Another way which you can be able to minimize the throat hit is by using a VG e-liquid that is high. nevertheless, e-liquids which are high in VG are known to be best when you use equipment that are advanced. 

E-liquid for vape cigarette style

If you happen to be looking to replace the cigarette feeling, there are two options:

The first option is an e-liquid which has more PG – propylene glycol, which is in the latio of 50:50 VG:PG, giving a throat hit that is similar to the one for cigarette. They are based utilized with the pod systems and devices that are lower powered and also a restricted, tight draw which closely mimics a cigarette.

But in the recent years, most vapers have talked of pod systems that utilize a combination of nicotine salts and the regular e-liquids like the Heva V2, to enjoy a smoking experience that is more realistic. The Hexa is known to be a pod system that is closed, but the hybrid salts have also started to be used in bottles of 10ml as with the riot squad.

Juice for starter kits and open pod system

The pod systems and starter kits are normally designed for use with the higher ratio of PG like VG:PG 50:50. You will be able to verify this by checking your coil resistance. If the coil resistance is above the 1 ohm, then you better use an e-liquid that is high in PG.

Cloud chasing e-liquid

If you happen to have a priority of blowing larger clouds of vapor, then you will best take the short-fills. They happen to be in e-liquid larger bottles, coming with a space at the bottle top to add a shot of nicotine.