One who has been around cannabis for while had experimented with various ways to enjoy the plant. There are different methods even when the subjects come relating to smoking. Today the trendiest way of smoking cannabis is using bongs. Bongs are made using different materials therefore you can choose one from the glass bongs, metal bongs, wood & bamboo bongs, ceramic bonds, acrylic bonds.

Bongs are water pipes that cannabis smokers use regularly for enhancing the experience and to cool down the inhaled smoke. Bongs are available in different sizes, shapes and are already stated in ranges of materials. No matter what they are made up of or what they look like, they all will work in the same manner.  Every other distinction is depending on the manufacturer’s imagination.

Glass bongs- short overview-

Ahead of a qualm, glass bongs have become an exceedingly preferable item for smoking cannabis among smokers. This material doesn’t have an effect on the cannabis flavor at all and it ensures a clean and pure taste.

From a practical perspective, glass transparency also has own benefits. Resin build-up can be speckled which can easily be cleaned. Conversely, glass bongs are costlier. As the bongs are made up of glass material so it may be difficult to carry them as they may get a break if not given proper care. With that said, such a smoking tool is made using borosilicate which can withstand a good bump or two.

Steps to follow to use your glass bongs-

After having a short discussion on what’s a bong, let us now move towards the steps to follow on how to operate it.

Step no-1- Dispense water into the tube and ensure that there’s a sufficient amount of water to cover the bottom third of the downstream. Do not pour too much amount of water.

Step no-2- To a medium-fine grind; crush the cannabis and pack the bowl leaving some room for air to easily pass.

Step no-3 – Position your lips in the region of the mouthpiece and light the bowl. At the same time cover the carb hole if there’s one to confirm all the smoke to flood in your mouth.

Step no-4- Now take hits. You need not have to hold the smoke within your lungs. Simply exhale it normally and enjoy it.

Many things you can do to make bong hits pleasantly like adding ice or water alternatives such as fruit juice, tea. Ensure to maintain your bong by keeping it clean for a better experience.

What was the History behind it?

As far as 2400 years back the use of very old bongs can be traced. Recent Russian excavations had shown fancy bongs made by the Eurasian-Iranian Scythe tribe using gold. In the past, in the region of Central Asia and Africa, more prehistoric bongs were found. These were crafted using animal horns and ceramics and date between 1100-1400 A.D.

 “Bong” is a Thai word “Baung”. It was bamboo tube which earlier was used by smokers for smoking weed and was much admired in Central Asia. In our day bongs are crafted in a modern way.

Historical reports say that the Chinese empire introduced water use into the bongs. Various emperors were obscured with their valuable pieces.

Summarizing up-

If you are happy reading the article about Glass bongs just shop for the one now and enjoy it at any time.


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