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Online Maths Tuitions are growing in numbers. If you have decided to start your own online maths tuition, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are primarily going to talk about how can one start their own online tuition for Maths. We will share how your career will land if you have opted for this sector. 

As known Maths is a subject which has a high demand. Demand in the sense that students from junior school to high school are looking for good mathematics tuitions, people want to learn maths and be a pro at it as Maths is required more or less in every field of work. This is how Math demand is high.

Thus, if you chose to offer the students and people to teach Maths you have chosen it correctly! But the question is, how will you start it? What is the best mode that you can start this? All will be discussed in this section. 

But before this, let us learn about the Midpoint and Midpoint formulas.  

Where is Midpoint Formula Used?

The midpoint formula is used in order to find the midpoint between two points! Before we dive any further into this formula let us first know what is a midpoint. 

What is a Midpoint?

The midpoint is the point that is in the middle of the line which joins the two ends of the line. This midpoint actually divides and also joins the two endpoints of a line. 

Now, in order to mathematically find this midpoint, we are required to put the data into a definite formula and find out the midpoint. 

So, the formula for midpoint is to find out the coordinate of two points basically. 

The formula for midpoint can be defined as the points which are present in the coordinate axes. The midpoint can be denoted as the summation of the Y-coordinates which belong to the two points. The formula for midpoint will be to add the two numbers of the endpoints and then divide the number by 2. 

Example of Midpoint

With the help of the formula find out the midpoint between the points suppose X(8,9) and Y(6,4)


Let M be the midpoint between X and Y

So, the Midpoint M will be M = (8+9)/2, (6+4)/2

(8.5, 5) = M

Tips To Start My Online Maths Classes

The teaching history has witnessed students coming together and studying under one roof but this has been drastically changed. If you are a teacher and still expect to teach in the traditional way maybe you are doing wrong or not reaping the maximum benefit from your teaching career.

It is advised that maths teaching classes should be turned to online mode as well. 

Why Start My Online Maths Classes In Online Mode?  

The advantages of switching on to online mode are as follows:

  1. You will be creating a big platform for lakhs of students over the world. 
  2. Maths is such a subject that requires teaching smartly, and this can be done via online methods. 
  3. You can connect with other maths professionals over the world who are working in the same industry as you.
  4. The cost of teaching is minimal. 

How Should I Start My First Maths Online Class? 

Follow these tips:

  1. Choose the subject you want to teach (here we are considering Maths as your core subject)
  2. Know which audience you are focusing on. Is it the students? Or is it job workers who want to learn more about Maths so that it helps them in their work field? Accordingly, you need to design the contents of your class. 
  3. What type of teaching will be done? Lecture? Video Course or Audio series?
  4. Know how to sell your course
  5. Join and enroll yourself in the platform where you will sell the course. 

These were some tips on how to start your first online class. We also talked about the meaning and formula for midpoint. If you aspire to know more visit Cuemath.