Buying a star

Our universe is full of stars that are far away from our planet. Each of these stars will have a name given by the scientists and astronomical bodies of the world. However, there is a concept of naming a star after a person and gifting the registration certificate to the person. It is a new way of impressing your loved ones. However, you will not be buying a star officially and own it. Instead, you can have a certificate of a star with the person’s name on it. You can also give both your name and your partner’s name for the registration. Many star registration service providers are there online providing these gifts. You can find one and get your certificate, along with other features like packaging and star locators. Let us discuss how to name a star after your beloved person for special occasions.


Process of naming a star after your loved ones


Choosing the right star registrar


Before buying a star in the name of your loved one, you should look for the various service providers out there in the market. There will be several providers offering different packages and types of stars. You should check for reliability and customer feedback before finalizing one.


Choosing the right package


Once you have selected a reliable star registrar, you can start to look over the various packages available with them. There will be options based on factors like the type of stars, your budget, and constellation type. If you are on a budget, you should look for the ones without any additional features to reduce the cost as much as possible. If you want a star of a particular zodiac, some sites will also offer zodiac packages. Likewise, you have to finalize the right package for yourself.


Personalizing your star


You can personalize your star as you like. You should provide the name of the person to include as the star name. The name can be of anything either a nickname or the original name of the person. Some people will give a couple-names also. Then, you can choose the certificate design suiting the occasion. At times, you may buy a gift for a lot of people. In these cases, you should provide the number of certificates you need. After that, you can choose the required constellation and star type as your wish. You may also opt for a frame for the certificate if you have the budget. After all these, they will ask for a personal note that you wish to tell to the person. Depending on the provider, you can get to ask for stars with specific brightness and other features like star maps and locators.




Once you have provided all the details necessary for the purchase, you can proceed with the checkout process. You will receive both physical and online versions of your orders.




Once you have your order, it is time to surprise your loved ones.