Satisfying a customer is a creative process. Therefore, one should look for the best possible service that can solve a customer’s problem.

By Narinder Singh Dhingra

Indeed, on the ecommerce platform, the most challenging task for a brand is to win a customer’s loyalty, as winning it does provide a setup to grow in an increasingly inspiring way. Gone are the days when customers were only concerned with certain brands as the level of competition and market growth take the battle to another level. Every year you see new brands coming and launching their ideas to change the landscape of the company. Therefore, understanding what it takes to be the crème de la crème of e-commerce becomes a daunting task.

In India, consumers are always looking for the best products at a fair price. The quality of the product must be good and the maximum selling price must be within their reach. It empowers people to make an impact and make huge profits. Keeping the price at a comparable level for years while offering comparable quality can work wonders. It does give the customer the feeling that there is something great in the final brand. This is only possible if a brand can sell the same product for years. However, when the brand is all about bringing new products, then supremacy in innovation should be there at the highest level.

Satisfying a customer is a creative process. Therefore, one should look for the best possible service that can solve a customer’s problem. For example, if a product is not good, there must be a refund. Now technology helps a brand pay back money in a short amount of time. This trick can make a huge difference in having great chances of seeing them again. Now a product must also touch the soul of a customer. It drives them to buy it over and over again.

The customer is always right, may not look great in every situation, but seems to be great in most situations. So it is crucial to understand their point of view. If they’re right, it’s great. If not, it can help to keep calm and let them understand.

A brand also needs to stay ahead of others by making sure they can make life easier for the customers so they can enjoy the experience of buying a product.

Activities performed by e-commerce brands to get maximum audience attention

Millions of activities are carried out by e-commerce brands to get maximum attention from the public. It’s about making customers feel like a brand is making its best offers to satisfy them. Therefore, it helps a brand to grow and make a plan to expand their business to an inspiring level.

Instead of talking about a freebee now, you can send a product with surprise. It can hit in a much better way than the other way around. When something unexpected happens, someone feels emotionally connected to a brand.

A brand can also work to ensure that buyers and sellers can work together on a great product. Like sharing feedback on the fabric, design, packaging, etc. Or sending them a DIY kit along with the product for them to work on and use. It can help the customer to work on things really well and feel connected to a brand. These are just simple ways that work very well. However, there is always another way to skin a cat. It means that one can come up with one’s own ideas to find new ways to gain the trust of the customers.

(Narinder Singh Dhingra is the chairman and general manager of Numero Uno)

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