If you want to become an advisor, then it is essential to register with SEBI. Through this concept, they are allowed to charge the fees from clients. As per the rule, no one can become an investments advisor without looking for SEBI’s approval. However, in India, it is an essential thing to do.

The ai based investment advisor is the person who provides advice and helps in a situation that is related to finances. They provide advice on all the topics for financial planning and strategies of investing. But before that, you have to a certificate of registration from SEBI to make the investment advisor a career.


For becoming the investment advisor, you need to submit the documents as per the list given below:

  • Qualification proof
  • Confirmation of identification
  • Address proof
  • Certificate provided by CA
  • Income tax return for previous three years

How to become an investment advisor?

You must take some steps to become an investment advisor. First, it is online registration on the SEBI website.

Visit portal

For registration of an investment advisor, you need to go on the online website of SEBI. Then there is an option of Self-Registration; click on it.

Fill the information

You need to fill in all the information carefully and once it’s done, try to read overlook it if there is any problem that corrects it. Then, click on proceed option that takes you to the payment tab. Login ID is created online.


Make the payment with the choice of internet banking or cards. Click on online payment and then proceed to pay, which will lead to payment access.

Confirmation Email

Within 7 to 10 days, you will receive a confirmation Email from SEBI of payment with receipt of login documentation.


Once you receive the log in the mail, and then fill in the necessary details. Then connect all the documents with the application. However, make sure that you submit all the information within 14 days after the login documents are received.

Fill form A

The next step is to click on the investment advisor and select the lead to registration. Then, open Form A and fill in the information.


The responses from SEBI must be given within one month of the application filed. In any case, if SEBI asks questions from you, the answers must be given within the time of allotment.

Registration certificate

You will receive the receipt and email from SEBI to grant a registration number and certificate. The certificate is received at the address mention on the application form.


After receiving the registration certificate, you can work as an investment advisor. The investment advisor must take on some responsibilities. He has to keep himself updated with new aspects that occur in the market to continue his career. If you cannot get the latest information, then search it on SEBI’s official website. They have no right to deny the terms and conditions. It depends on you that what kind of investment advisor you want to become to start your career.