Activities like moving on your skateboard are some of the most famous activities which people love to do. Significantly, the students or children living in foreign countries used to work on a skateboard. Have you guys ever wonder what is responsible for taking you on a board? The answer is, of course, the grip tape which provides friction between the deck and person’s foot. There is a wide variety of skateboards and longboats. So the sizes maybe vary from model to model and brand to brand.

So, many people think about checking the size of your skateboard before applying the grip tape to it. It is a straightforward process to check the size of your skateboard. There is a technique that you need to follow. It will be straightforward for you to get the correct size of your skateboard for applying a custom grip tape longboard on it. There are different types of colors and graphics which are available for grip tape.

How to check out the size of your grip tape?

A grip tape is one of the sticky sheets from one side which can be stuck to one side helps to provide friction. Not only responsible for providing fiction but also helps to give an attractive appearance of your skateboard to others. Forgetting your skateboard ready, one of the essential things is applying grip tape. It is the final touch and the most critical touch given to the skateboard. The grip tape helps to brighten your skateboard and show your style.

Mostly grip tape is black because the logo of the brand can be easily shown. The durability of grip tape is not for an extended period because, after some time, it is essential to change your grip tape. Because as time passes, it becomes slippery, so the friction between your foot and deck is no longer the part. That is why after some time, it is essential to get a new grip tape for your skateboard.

Coming about the size of the grip tape-

The material of grip tape, which is used for skateboard and longboard, is the same. But the sizes of grip tape used on the skateboard are different, and so longboard is entirely different. For skateboard, the size of custom grip tape longboard is used 9 multiple 33, and for longboard, it has used 12 multiple 4. Whenever you apply grip tape on your skateboard, make sure that you are using enough grip tape to cover your whole skateboard. The primary purpose of applying grip tape is to provide fiction that will not make you fall. That is why it is essential to choose the correct size of grip tape as per your skateboard.

Final words

Skateboard is bold under which the wheels are present, and people used to move it. There are chances that you may fall from a skateboard, but this risk is reduced with the help of grip tape. There is a wide variety of grip tape which is available in the market very quickly. A wide variety of colors and prints are available, and also you can go for customization of custom grip tape longboard quickly. But make sure you are changing your tape on the skateboard regularly as it reduces the chance of slip.