Buying Puppies for sale can be a very scary experience. Most illegally bred Puppies sold today are sold on classifieds sites or social networking websites, and the sad fact is that over 1 in 4 (15%) of the Puppies sold on these sites get sick or eventually die within their first few months. But buying from a breeder ensures that you’re buying a healthy puppy that has been bred properly and has been wormed and tested to make sure he or she is free of infectious diseases. It’s always better to buy from a responsible, honest puppy breeder than an illegal puppy dealer or puppy broker.

A good breeder will never sell Puppies to pet shops and will only offer them at auctions or through classified ads. Breeders are highly skilled and caring individuals who are committed to helping their Puppies develop into healthy, happy adults. Puppy breeders must pass an exhaustive ethics and animal care examination, and they follow strict guidelines regarding breeding practices. Because breeders take such care about the dogs they sell, they have much knowledge and information about the health of each of their Puppies. You’ll be assured of getting a healthy adult dog if you buy from a good breeder.

Be wary of puppy mills, especially if you live in a large city. Most puppy mills house Puppies in squalid conditions and are typically run by abusive owners. It is essential to research the reputation of the mill or breeder before buying from them. It’s also a good idea to bring your Puppies to a veterinarian to get their health checked out – a trip to the vet is essential even if the puppy is just a puppy!

The first thing that you need to know when buying dog peer puppies is how old a puppy should be when you bring him or her home. Some Puppies can be given away at three weeks old, while other can only be given to dogs who’ve been trained for at least twelve weeks. It is important to note that Puppies can be given away even if they are not fully trained, but you cannot keep Puppies at any age after they have already been fully trained. A good puppy breeder will always be honest with you about this.

Ask the breeder to show you his or her aviary, or a room where all of his or her Puppies sleep. The size of the aviary is crucial because Puppies need room to run around, stretch, and play. Also ask about the vaccinations, licenses, heartworm tests, de-wormings, flea and worming medication, and health papers of his or her Puppies. A good breeder will give you all of this information without any questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask for photos of the dogs, unless the breeder has only bred a handful of dogs himself or herself. Ask the breeder to show you a portfolio of previous dogs. Ask about the dam or sire (mother or father) of the particular dog in question. If possible, try to talk to some other people who may be interested in buying a puppy from that breed. Good breeders love to show off their Puppies, and are usually very chatty and friendly toward any potential buyers.