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Keeping a strict cleaning regimen for your firearm is extremely important. Usually, poor cleaning is a significant cause of damage. Over time, your gun accumulates dirt, corrosion, and rust.

Cleaning your firearm regularly with a solvent trap kit will ensure that your firearm lasts for a very long time. But you also have to prevent spillage and leaks while cleaning. That’s what you need an excellent solvent trap spacer to reduce excess spillage and leaks. In this article, you’ll see how to clean your firearm with a solvent trap spacer properly.


What does a solvent trap spacer do?

Solvent trap spacers are specially designed to create an airtight seal and reduce the number of corrosive solvents that leak or spill out while cleaning your firearm.


What are the steps to take when cleaning your firearm with a solvent trap spacer?

  1. Take the firearm apart
  2. Using a loose patch, soak it in the solvent trap and push it through the barrel. Do this repeatedly until the patches no longer come out of the barrel looking black. This procedure wets the bore and eliminates any loose powder.
  3. When you push the wet patch in the barrel, leave it in for 10-15 minutes and then pull it out. Use as many patches as you need until the barrel is clean.
  4. Push a wet brush through the barrel until it comes out through the muzzle. Don’t dip the brush into the aluminum solvent as it will contaminate it. Be careful not to pull the brush out when its bristles are still in the bore.
  5. Use 15-20 strokes of your brush to clean out the barrel and repeat the procedure in step 1 with clean, dry patches.
  6. When you see that the patches are coming out clean, remove the bore and clean the chamber with some tissue paper to get rid of excess solvent and dirt.
  7. Carefully remove the dirt in the bolt lug, or else it will gall the action and the bolt lug.
  8. Using a small amount of grease, apply it to the back of the bolt lugs. You don’t have to lubricate the trigger mechanism, but if you must, ensure that you use a dry lubricant. Always ensure that the trigger is cleaned and dry as grease and oil will only attract dirt.
  9. Make sure to keep the stocks away from water. Your precision rifle will consistently sustain its point of impact and accuracy if the stock is continuously stable. Keep the stock away from humid environments.


How should I use a solvent trap spacer?

All you have to do is screw an end cap and thread adapter onto the tube. Afterward, screw the unit onto the muzzle of your barrel. The spacer will catch any extra solvent you pour through your barrel as you clean it. You no longer have to deal with messy hands and a messy face when you’re cleaning your firearm. You can purchase your solvent trap spacer and cleaning kit at



To ensure that our firearms function for a long time, we need to keep them clean. Using an aluminum solvent is an excellent way to remove dirt and buildup from the most intricate parts of your firearm.

Also, with a solvent trap spacer, you can save as much solvent as possible. You will also keep your hands clean whenever you’re cleaning your firearm.