The popularity of websites runs on keywords. If you are able to use the most appropriate keywords, you are able to increase traffic to your website because it will have more visibility. If you have no idea what we mean by keywords, you should do some research so that you have a better understanding. When you understand what keywords are, you will be able to choose the most relevant ones for your website. Better keywords make your site’s visibility better. When you rank track your keywords when your website has high visibility, you will be able to see that they rank very high in search engine results. You should research the internet to find tools that can help you to track keyword ranking free of charge.

In this article, I will at some of the factors you need to consider when you are choosing keywords so that you give your website the ranking it deserves.


If you are to have any hope of being successful at SEO, you need to understand that Google usually ranks content based on how relevant it is. It is at this point that search intent becomes relevant. Ranking of keywords is done based on the keyword’s ability to meet the needs of the searcher. In addition to that, your keywords will only be ranked if your content is the best in comparison to all other contents out there in as far as the search query typed by the user is concerned. Google doesn’t have any business ranking your content higher than other contents if yours isn’t the absolute best. The value of your content will determine how it ranks for specific keywords.


How authoritative your content is also plays a major role in how Google ranks your content. More weight is often by Google to contents that seem authoritative. That is why it is important for you to enrich your content to ensure that it is as authoritative as possible. It should be helpful to your readers and enticing enough for other webmasters to include backlinks into their websites for your content. When you have so many websites using your content for backlink, it implies that it has enough authority and that might just be enough to earn it higher ranking in Google search results. If your content isn’t authoritative enough or if the specific keyword niche you are competing in has other players with better content on their websites, then you won’t be ranked at the top of the search result page.


Sometimes it is possible to be ranked top for specific keywords, but that won’t do you any good if there is no one searching for that specific keyword in their searches. It is the same as setting up a shop in a ghost time. You might have the best shop, but there won’t be anyone looking to buy from you. Thus, volume of searches is very important. Volume is usually gauged in terms of monthly search volume, which refers to the number of searches people perform for that specific keyword.

You need to use keywords that have a higher level of monthly search volume.