Getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo is quite practical and also affordable for a common person. Anybody who has gone through an eyeliner tattoo strategy knows that a process must be followed. It consists of a before and aftercare for getting a permanent makeup tattoo. The procedure of getting a tattoo is not painful at all. Therefore anybody afraid of the pain need not worry about it. Many people are professional and have successfully made permanent makeup eyeliner tattoos on several eyes.

Check Out The Process Of Getting A Makeup Tattoo

  • Prepare For The Appointment

Before getting a permanent makeup tattoo, you need to prepare yourself for it. It requires several steps such as cleansing your face and eyes, removing contact lenses, and not wearing them for the next 2two to three days. Apart from this, if you have undergone eye surgery, you could not get this tattoo at least for a year or in the recovery period. Also, if you are using an eyelash growth serum or product, stop using them at least a month before getting the surgery. Apart from this, when you visit the clinic, you will get a list of guidelines required to follow.

  • While Getting The Tattoo

When you visit the clinic for undergoing the procedure of having an eyeliner tattoo would be viewed several designs. Here you could discuss the designs and the color of your eyeliner with your tattoo makeup artist. Decide the color and the shape of eyeliner you want to get if you already have a design in your mind and show it to your tattoo artist. Once you have decided on the complete procedure and discuss any medical history, you are ready to get the tattoo.

  • Aftercare

Once you have got your favorite tattoo on your eyes, your eyes may remain slightly red, swollen, and itch a little bit. When you have got the tattoo, your tattoo will appear a little thicker and darker than it would look for the whole period for the first few days. This thickness and darkness are very common in the healing period. After that, you have to apply the products given by your tattoo artist, and once the healing period is over, you could see the final result. If you see any side effects longer than 2 to 3 weeks, consider visiting the makeup artist.

  • Follow Up Appointments

A follow-up appointment is necessary to confirm that your eyes or any body part have not gotten under any side effects due to the tattoo. This follow-up should be completed positively in less than four to six weeks of the procedure as permanent makeup tattoo will fade over time with regular washing and contact with the environment. So you need not worry about that and can also make appointments regularly in few years. Consider visiting once in your healing period to make sure that your eyes have faced no side effects.

You can schedule your appointments again if you feel that the color of your eyeliner has faded few years. These appointments will keep your eyeliner color looking fresh and as it is always.