You should set up your pallet wrapping machine to give the best load stability and optimise the use of the packaging film. Here are some easy ways you can optimise your machine to get the best out of it the next time you are packaging items.

Clean the Rollers Regularly

Keep checking the machine rollers from time to time. Look for any signs of dirt buildup as it may impede the application of the film. You can use cleaning agents or just rugs to wipe out dirt from the surface. Then, check the roller surface for score marks. These marks are caused by a snapped film that gets wound around the roller and the operator uses a knife to cut it free. Knife marks are a leading cause of film snapping.

Ensure that the Film is Threaded Properly

The wrapper manual comes with instructions on how to thread the film. Use them to thread your film. Avoid bypassing any rollers as it may cause snapping after every while. If a film keeps snapping and you have threaded it correctly, it may be of poor quality, or you could have stretched it beyond the recommended stretch ratio.

Pick a Film that is Suitable for the Machine

There are two types of pallet wrappers, power pre-stretch wrappers and core brake wrapping machines. The former works with unstretched film while the latter requires pre-stretched one. Pick afilm that matches the stretch capacity of your machine.

Measure the Pallet’s Containment Force

It is recommended that you test the strength of the pallet after wrapping. The simple way to do it is to try and lift the film from the top of the pallet to determine if it feels loose or strong. However, there is a scientific pull test kit that is meant to measure the containment force of a film. This is vital when comparing different types of films to pick the best.

Pick a Good Quality Machine

There are pallet wrappers that will still give you problems even after following all the instructions. Review the features of your ideal machine and see what other users have to say about the model.

A wrapper with optimal performance prevents film wastage by not snapping. It also helps avoid frequent downtimes from regular breakdowns that can affect your deliveries. Use the tips above to pick the best machine or ensure that the existing one works best.