IDN Live is one of the services provided by a software developer and IT solution company – IDN Play. It has been very popular in Asia since launched. IDN Live gives the opportunity of playing your favorite casino games live with real-time dealers. Users get to choose from a wide range of popular games. IDN Live has several advantages over software casino games. 

Advantages Of Live Gambling.

  • Realistic Process

It is the main advantage of live casino games over software versions. The live casino games were indeed developed to have a true casino environment on the internet. Live casinos have real-time streaming. Special studios or actual casino-halls are fitted for shooting and players get the opportunity to sit back and gamble remotely. Live casino gears like roulette tables, shuffle machines, true cards, etc are still used when you shoot in a studio. The pace of the game is also very realistic. 

  • Feeling Of Presence

The sounds of cards, wheel-spins, and view of the real table give the complete feeling of presence. 

  • Live Communication

Interaction with real dealers and other players makes the game much more interesting. This is a huge advantage for players who value communication in casino games. So, instead of going to the land-based casino, they can play live casinos being comfortable. 

  • Maximum Detail

Although live casinos were introduced recently over the years, broadcasting qualities have improved a lot. High-resolution equipment is used for shooting purposes. Shotting is done from different angles to give a better view.  

  • 24/7 Availability

This is a real perk of playing live casino games. There is no specific time. By just having good internet connectivity, you can play live casinos 24/7 and from anywhere. No matter you are in bed or on a beach; nothing can stop you to play.

  • Events Are Determined By Chance

If you are a real casino fan then you would surely appreciate this advantage. In live casino games, no number generators are used. The order of cards in the deck, the ball’s speed, or the sector on which the ball falls; all are determined by a real case as in a land-based casino.  

  • Strategy

Users get an opportunity to learn new tactics and strategies in live casino games. Live gaming also offers nice designs, an extended set of settings, constant communication, no deception as cameras record all actions in the studio.

  • Advanced Functionality

Live gambling games offeran expanded set of bets with new strategies. Everyday such functions are evolving and being added to the live virtual games. 

  • Ability To Observe Without Placing Bets

Like in land-based casinos, a visitor can sit and watch the ongoing game. Without placing any bets, players can also watch the games endlessly in live virtual games. This is a huge advantage for beginners or learners. They can observe strategies, moves and learn from someone else’s experience.  

  • Transparency

As the game is live means ongoing in real-time, shooting of each step is done to maintain transparency. Detailed visualization of all moments is a huge advantage over online casino gaming.

  • New Virtual Reality

Live casino games started appearing around 2017. The first type of live casino game available was Live Roulette. This new form of virtual reality then became so popular that today it is the entertainment preference of millions.


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