There are many important things that you must always look for when you are selecting a trolling motor battery. Since there are many options out there, making a suitable choice is not that easy. There are very many choices that one has to make. When it comes to buying a trolling motor battery, there is no room for you to make mistakes. Therefore, it would be better to take your time and search for a battery that will suit your needs. Here are some of the most important things to look for

The power needs of your motor

When you are looking for a trolling motor battery, the first important thing to look for should be the power needs of your motor. Every motor is different and the power needed is also different. When you are checking, you should consider the amount of speed that your motor needs are different speeds. Manufacturers and suppliers should be able to indicate this in the user manual. You can also ask the manufacturer directly for clarification. If you don’t seem to understand, you can still find an expert who will help you figure things out.

Look at deep cycle types of batteries

This is also another very important factor that you must always be looking at when you are choosing a battery for your motor. You should not just choose any battery for your motor because what you want is a battery with an ‘AH’ rating. Such batteries are suitable for deep cycle. This simply means that you should try as much as possible to avoid batteries with the CCA rating only. If you are wondering what CCA means, it simply stands for Cold Cracking Amps. It is the power that a trolling motor battery can provide for starting an engine.

Know more about the “AH” rating

When you are buying your trolling motor battery, you should never forget to check the “AH” rating. Before even checking the rating, start by knowing what it is and why it is important. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information about the “AH” on the internet and some of it is very confusing. The “AH” rating is what indicates that a battery is designed for a deep cycle. This is just an indication of how long the battery is likely to last. If you do not know anything about the ‘AH” take some quality time trying to read all about it and what it does.

Decide on Gel or AGM

Another important thing to do is decide on Gel or AGM. AGM is also referred to as Absorbed Glass Mat. These are the glass mats that are normally placed between the lead plates of a battery. They are soaked with electrolytes. The mats work by reducing the buckling of any liquid leakages. They also reduce plate buckling. Gel batteries are considered to be more expensive than AGM. Instead of using glass mates between the lead plates, they use a gel. The gel is more buckle resistant and that is what makes it more expensive and preferred. If the battery will be somewhere where there will be vibrations, this is the best choice.